Vicious Summoner Overview of 2Moons(5)

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Vicious Summoner Overview of 2Moons(5) Empty Vicious Summoner Overview of 2Moons(5)

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:07 am

Well it is we are 5 summoner in 2Moons, now we have a build of :
str 13.
spr 5 enough for 54 sword.
dex 2.
heal 8.

We are glad we hit normal about 800+ and with blade spin level(2Moons powerleveling) 10, we hit 1200-1400, devil swing 7 times 1000+, blade dance ehm 1400+ 4 times. When we get to 58, we would choose tentator because the massive HP(2moons dil) and aoe to help you blade dance. They say summoners are over powerd but look at our weapons on the 2Moons site of yours. Look at the damage output. If we look to azure knight they have much more damag output.

It is because our swords have magic in them to. So do not be a tard and say summoners are overpowred it is not treu. If a bad summoner fight against a bad knight knight win. If a good summoner fight against good knight summoner win mostly. It is the player and not the char so if you got beated by a summoner it say something about you not about the char.


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