4Story Trees and Essential Skills

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4Story Trees and Essential Skills Empty 4Story Trees and Essential Skills

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fast motion - a must have, biological and 4story goldopponents in PVP and physical attacks will hit less. Physcial can increase your defense rating - so you can avoid more attacks, skills, combine it and below it a God send. Wind blessing - one must be used whenever it can be when you hunting and PvP is successfully avoid a physical attack damage is reflected back to the opponents. (If you physcial HD and your agility is high level of skill, because it can handle the amount of damage a person or monster who missed a lot of you are absolutely a blessing.)

First-class sword and wind power - an attack, additional damage in melee combat. First-class open wound - this is a prerequisite to open combat skill tree. Others said that at least some time in the tree on the left is not. Battle of the skill tree - level 1 air cry - very useful when hunting, if many figures are on you.

Found 4Story the world, as this exciting playing with a clever combat system and exciting task of game characters. In 4story gold have enemies in the war the kingdom. Select what you want to fight for the Kingdom. As one of its supporters would fight for you in the fantastic battle, to fight for civil peace, and to help reveal its legendary secret. The fate of the country in your hands. Through time, find the unknown territory and master different challenges.

Time travel, in the past and future, stories even fading to the other memories. (Pursuing) a different story waiting for you. Do not believe everything you see. A terrible secret, and in each chapter 4Story adventure. The end of each chapter provide examples of dungeons for you to find problems 4Story behind the secret. Looking for clues! Find old secret answer!

- Occupation of the territory destined for each day in time for the occupation of the territory of the competition will break between the two opposing kingdoms "Craxion" and "DeFugel". Fight for your kingdom! In Iveria world is a multi-territory your request. The kingdom belongs to you more places you travel to find more treasures will grant more territory. Head cut your enemies! Claim restitution of what is yours!

Quests in addition to around the three different subtasks of the main tasks of truth, and hide the task of waiting for you. NPC's unique voice will give you a more realistic world 4Story. Look! You may experience an incentive to pursue and crush

- The ultimate project to find the legendary weapon was admired by all? Search will be cut off with a single blow to the enemy's long deadly weapons? In 4Story the world, you will find qualified from a variety of weapons grade "F" class "Security Agency." If you find a dusty weapons, and the old special options, does not torment out. In addition, you can upgrade your weapons level up to +24. That is not all of each weapon has a special option. You can choose your own final project.You may not use loopholes to deceive any software or games in our 4story gold game. If you find errors or weaknesses in the game, can be used to cheat, you should send a private message to the administrator console or game. Botnets, key interference, the use of macros and other tools to enable access to the level of your character, skill, there is no physical interaction with game players, is prohibited. Anyone found or reported to demonstrate that the use of Cheats, the problem will be immediately attacks and vulnerabilities game ban without prior warning. You may not modify the game, memory game, or in any way its incoming or outgoing packets.You are fully responsible for your account by all the activities, and according to your account ID, even if someone in your account is the same as the abuse of our rules, your account, and punished the punishment, may not be revoked, unless we think that is appropriate. If you are a newspaper attack, kill, or use foul language on the GM you will be warned against and if you continue to do so.

The higher the pluses the better as we all know already. But without cash shop items it's very hard to even get passed +5 sometimes. Well, if you're fortunate enough to get to +6 I will highly suggest to try another scroll to get to +7 it has a very high success rate from the times I have tried. But as for most high level players or higher level players such as myself Yes, I have used Cash Shop. and it's VERY helpful to become a much stronger player.

Now you got the choice between a Crossbow and a Regular bow. Now personally I use a Crossbow it has a much slower speed when shooting but it has in turn to that much higher attack power. Which I find very helpful in both hunting and 4story gold PvP. On the flip side to that I have noticed that the fast speed of the arrows from the regular bow has been extremely effective in PvP even with the less damage, so I might consider making a nice one and trying it out for fun and I'll make sure to get back with you all on my results.


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4Story Trees and Essential Skills Empty dsfsfdsf

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