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4story guide to start playing  Empty 4story guide to start playing

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When you create a character and enter the world of cheap 4story luna, you will begin in a small village within the Kingdom of your choice.This is where the NPCs, who will help you through the quests and to start the journey, are located.

Here in the village, you will learn the basic information and receive items through the help quests which will lead you into the journey through the world.It’s a long and boring war. Most of the villagers were forced to fight in the war and died.I’m sick and tired of people looking at me as if I’m cursed just because I was born in a so-called evil town.Now I’ll end the meaningless life of the past, and join Defugel’s great Legion searching for an answer. Move diagonally to the right Basic movement like moving left, right, forward and back can be activated with A, D, W and S button on your keyboard.

Also, using Q and E button you can move your character diagonally to the left and to the right. You can switch your character from running to walking (or the other way) using "V" button. Or, you can left click on the screen to move your character to move to the point where the mouse was clicked on. Also, you can turn your character by clicking on the right button on your mouse and drag. If you click on the left button on your mouse and drag, your view spins around your character. You will be able to travel to the end of 4Story's world using these various controls of keyboard and mouse. If you right click on the NPCs, it shows a few options, and you can talk to the NPC by Clicking on ‘talk’ among those options. Most of the times, the NPC will give you an advice or tell you a story of what goes around that area, however, you will find NPCs with (4story gold ) above their head.

That means that NPC is in some kind of trouble and needs your help. Whether to help the NPC or not is your choice to make. But you will be granted with rewards that can not be obtained by regular hunting. If you have decided to help the NPC, listen to what they have to say and click ‘Accept’ to receive the quest. Once you accomplish the quest, you must return to that NPC and click on ‘finish’ button to complete the quest and receive rewards for it. You can see the list of the quests in progress by pressing J button on your keyboard. Here, you will find contents of the quest, objectives and rewards from NPC upon the completion of the quest. The items you receive through the journey goes into the bag that you are carrying. You will receive more items as you go through the journey.

You can sell those items to merchants but every time your bag is full you have to return to the village to sell them which can be very annoying. This is where additional bag comes in handy. You can purchase additional bag from supply merchants so that you can reduce the trouble of going all the way to the village. You can obtain an additional bag through a specific quest, and they can be Purchased from supply merchants located in starting village and Capital Castle. After purchasing a bag, you can double click(left button on mouse) on the bag to carry it. Or you can also click on shortcut key C to show character information window and drag the bag using left button on mouse into the bag slot located in left side of the window. While equipped with additional bag, press I, and all the bags will open. In order to disable a bag, simply double click on the bag in the Character information window or drag the bag you want to disable into the standard bag. Items you obtain as a rewards for completing the quests, items you obtain from hunting and items you purchase from merchants will automatically be placed in your bag. Bags can be opened by clicking on the icon placed on bottom right of the screen or by simply pressing I button on the keyboard. Items can be divided into different categories of consumable items which includes wearing items, potions, arrows and scrolls, and also the Quest items that are used in the Quests. Wearing items can be divided into two categories of Weapons and Armors equipped on your character to upgrade your attack and defense powers as well as additional magical options.

Having a good Weapons and armors equipped can help you to achieve victory. While your bag is open, open up a Character Information window by pressing C on the keyboard or click on the character’s face icon located bottom right of the screen. This is where you can see the stats and appearance of your character as well as slots for items. Here you can drag the items out of the bag into the Info window to equip the item and see what your character looks like with those items. Or you can also equip the items by double click(left button on mouse) on the item located in your bag. Consumable items like potions can be registered in Quick slot by dragging it with left mouse button from the bag into the quick slot and they can be consumed using shortcut keys. Iveria has passed down their own combat techniques originated by the 8 guardians in the ancient each villages to prepare for the battles against enemies hard to defeat. No matter how big the monsters are, you can easily defeat them using those techniques. These deadly skills can be learned from the Skill Master located in each village.

You can learn the skills by right click on the Master and choose Trade. Nothing is for free. You have to pay certain amount of game-money fixed depending on the value of each skills. If you are willing to pay for the training, you can either learn new skills or upgrade the skills you’ve learned. All these skills learned can be checked in the Skill List window, if you press K on the keyboard or click on the magic book icon on the bottom of the screen. Skills can be registered and used with shortcut keys in the battle by dragging the skills from the window into the Quick slot. HP/MP Potions can also be registered in the Quick slot for faster use during combat. If you have too many skills to register and need more slots, (buy 4story gold )you can click on the arrows next to the Quick slot or press Ctrl+ F1 ~ F10 to register skills needed. You will be challenged with variety of monsters throughout the journey of spacious Iveria. First, you will be fighting against the some what meek monsters with the names in blue. But as you grow to be an adventurer you will challenge the fierce and strong monsters with the names in yellow or red.

Also, you might face a critical condition where you have to fight numbers of monsters at once. And that’s why the basic combat skills are so important. First of all, click on the monster and it becomes your target. By pressing TAB you can target other monsters from the ones nearby. Once the target is set, use all the skills that you have been training and eliminate the monsters. Adequate mixture of different skills with fine-spun strategy and a strong back up from your colleagues, you will go through the adventure with victory. Remember not to run over to the area where the monsters with names in yellow and red are gathered around. They are very violent monsters and will attack you all at the same time. In order to prevent this to happen, use a long-range weapons to pull them one by one and you will achieve victory a lot easier. sometimes after hunting monsters, you may find precious money or even expensive items.

These spoils of war all yours to keep as a reward of a victory. These items can be exchanged with game-money from the merchants, which then you can spend these money on better weapons and armors, potions or learn new skills. To see the belongings of dead monsters, you can either double click on the corpse or press F when the corpse is targeted. You get to keep all the treasures. You can drag the items from the window into your bag, double click on the item or you can press the little buttons on the bottom of the window to make them yours.

Easiest way to bring all the treasures into your bag at once is by pressing Z button on the keyboard. Well, if you wanna buy 4story luna , just contact our customers service or click the key words. Okay..hope you have a good time in the game!


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