4Story Methods of Getting Weapon or Armor

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4Story Methods of Getting Weapon or Armor Empty 4Story Methods of Getting Weapon or Armor

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We have heard many people talking about "PVP" armor that you can get with Merit. Where do you go to make buy 4story gold and "PVP armor" which purely depends on which kingdom your in.

In both kingdoms though there are craft npcs. At these NPCs you can make pvp weapons and armor in 4Story as well as things like scrolls and pots. These npcs are in the beginning towns as well as the main towns.

Defugal warrior is "PVP armor" the same as the level 34 heavy armor craft? Is PVP armor just the nickname for it? Also, where do you go to purchase the saps with merit points?

To get the saps, go to the warrior in the castle behind Noel and the mission or guild house portals. Its 80 merit per sap. For the PvP armor, it is the level 34 craft armor that requires merit. There is also level 34 armor that does not require merit, and is the same as the Battle God's Heavy Armor you get from drops. All PvP armor on the DeFugel side starts with "Spirit", for example the Warrior heavy armor is "Spirit Heavy Armor".

If you up a craft armor and a dropped armor (non dungeon because you can not upgrade them) and made them both say +18 there is a drastic difference in the def each gives.

There are magic items (less than 2 options = blue, more than 2 options = orange), rare items ( drops from dungeons), and craftable items (which can be combined with materials and made by crafting npc). Some players are sell items in game for 4story luna.

The most important thing in 4Story is upgrade. The higher upgrade level, the higher perfomance level items get.And the craft weapons in this game is like a unique item, because it is very difficult to make it, and also very rare in the server.

Other then the older drops and the New +39 ar or the SSS Drops, most "better" options are generally CSed onto the equips. I would think options are more imporant in the long run, But if i have a +14 with SSS options im still basically hittin you with a pillow as opposed to a +20 set of harps with a high Probabilty.

More the point is that after having arrived at 79-80 and then only farming +15 equivelents still wouldnt hold its own in TW/SW against anyone CSed up at all +20 armor in any form of pvp situation. And as of now theres hardly a place that those who prefer PvE too even grind without gettin PKed in any form due too CSEd up honor hounds just out huntin Honor.

Same may argue this is a pvp game but we would submit that CS has made alot of skill based combat irrellevent to some point. There is seldom a skill ballancing too some point in which the other classes has been brought to the same standard as Archers an other caster/aoe classes.

We have heard the argument how much time goes into balancing, But we have been convinced that without CS there cant be any true form of balance as this game might be f2p but in the end its p2win. We stilll would like to see some form of Elite drops at a VERY low drop rate which would give those that do farm a better reason to keep going too the same repititious dungeon/quest to obtain aomething in that form.

Magic Attack Level(4story gold) is the exact equivalent for Attack Rating, but on the magic side of your attacks. This is just as Magic Defense Level is the exact equivalent of Defense Rating, but for the magic side.Magic Attack Level doesn't equal or have any relation to Magic Attack Power(damage) in 4Story. Getting 50 or more Magic Attack Level will not increase your damage, or act as another add on your weapon.

Wisdom increases your Magic Attack Level and Magic Defense Level, which is your Chance to Hit and Chance to Dodge magic attacks. This is the exact equivalent of Dexterity which increases your Attack Rating and Defense Rating, which is your chance to hit or dodge Physical Attacks. These things don't increase damage. They are accuracy and evasion stats.Now on to the next question, Critical rates are percents, yes. 23 Critical Magic Rate is 23%. Critical Rates do not go up as you level, like the other stats. Critical rate isn't based on a stat like Dex, Wisdom, Intelligence, etc.

It's based on your class and race. For instance, Human Archer has 20 Physical Critical Rate as a base, while a Fairy Archer has 18 Physical Critical Rate. A level 1 of these characters and a level 80 have the same base. Crit is increased with the stats from your weapons and for most classes, buffs.

Items you obtain as a rewards for completing the quests, items you obtain from hunting and items you purchase from merchants will automatically be placed in your bag. Bags can be opened by clicking on the icon placed on bottom right of the screen or by simply pressing I button on the keyboard. If you need 4Story Luna, you can buy it from us.

Items can be divided into different categories of consumable items which includes wearing items, potions, arrows and scrolls, and also the Quest items that are used in the Quests. Wearing items can be divided into two categories of Weapons and Armors equipped on your character to upgrade your attack and defense powers as well as additional magical options.

Having a good Weapons and armors equipped in cheap 4story luna can help you to achieve victory. While your bag is open, open up a Character Information window by pressing C on the keyboard or click on the character's face icon located bottom right of the screen.

This is where you can see the stats and appearance of your character as well as slots for items.Here you can drag the items out of the bag into the Info window to equip the item and see what your character looks like with those items. Or you can also equip the items by double click(left button on mouse) on the item located in your bag.

Consumable items like potions can be registered in Quick slot by dragging it with left mouse button from the bag into the quick slot and they can be consumed using shortcut keys.


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