The Weapon for Attack in Maplestory

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The Weapon for Attack in Maplestory Empty The Weapon for Attack in Maplestory

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The Weapon for Attack in Maplestory
Welcome to maplestory-mesos. We got the information for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

We think with that much DEX, you should consider getting a better weapon(Buy maplestory mesos), as you do not need the accuracy boost. However, you say you do not have an attack WG. Getting at least a 6 attack WG should be your main priority right now. Now, as for training spots. We are not an expert on DKs, but your best bet for great meso gain is probably at Selkies/Slimies in Singapore.

They are a little bit crowded though, so you may have to party or change channels. Another option is to farm meso from Leprechauns at CWK, but it is incredibly boring and not to mention extremely bad exp(cheap maplestory mesos). It is several 100 thousand meso an hour though.

Thanks for your reading. By the way, we provide the MapleStory powerleveling service with the lowest price and the best service. Please contact with us any time.


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