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South Korea ZEMi public today their latest online games » buy 4story gold « , and announced the starting 27 will hold the first beta.
« 4Stary online » is a new online game, the game has a unique RSCS (Real-time Strategy Command System), is the real-time tactical command system.

Xiao Bian understanding is that the war game is to rely on under the unified command, rather than the current network in the melee game manner. This allows Xiaobian think before a game « Shadowbane », « Maken » war is the need under the unified command, no command means to lose the war. Such a war is another way the game can not match.

But Xiao Bian is a bit suspect « 4Story online » if the game can do this, because it not only the system design to the war, but the game will change the setting to be so. Xiao Bian will continue to focus on this product, I hope « 4Story online » to give us surprises.

Cheap 4story luna ZEMI INTERACTIVE is a description of the development process of the role of a hero, and has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategic command system) MMORPG. 4story
« 4Story » composed by the three countries. The three countries, which has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. This three countries were different historical claim, which became the fuse pulled the three countries of the endless war.

The emergence of a hero to change the fate of these three countries, his country’s victory in order to unlock the puzzle of the history of the end of the war, the hero is the player. Game for three players chosen race: Terran, Orc, and Orc. Six career options: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call.

4 Story « in the third quarter of 2008, worked in South Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States (International Server) and other regions launched from the CB to attract a large number of players from the influx of the game in Japan in October last year, beta, the game called » Lost Eden ~ ~ Gods kingdom disappear « (provisional translation, Japanese called » Lost Eden ~ God 々 の え ta ki States ~ « Rick technology platform services made by the agency, not the current national service agency, the Chinese name of the game determined.

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