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DavidPerry DavidPerry designed the famous game: developed in collaboration with Disney Aladdin ("Aladdin"), the first game developed by Disney and McDonald's license to develop the game, get the best game award DavidPerry year journey of life was born in Scotland,2moons gold the first job is to cross the grass farm workers (the hay bale and fork arrival of the car), entered the school and participate in sports competitions, but did not achieve much success. During exposure to HomeComputer, started game programming and design. Soon came to England, where a lot of games design. And then later to the United States, and settled. Design concepts first need to trust their own game design, passion for the game. In introducing their own ideas, it is best not to just to say, investors often do not have the player's imagination. Therefore, it is best to do a video, so you can show it more intuitive. Also note that this process needs to play the most important and best selling point out. Good idea on how to become a good game? We must first know what players can feel happy (whatmakespeoplehappy); followed by allowing the player to know how happy (howmakespeoplehappy). (In Europe, allowing the player to feel funny game design is a most important factor) to achieve this, designers need to know a lot of videogames, watch comedy, Internet, etc., from how others experience the design of these funny place. At the same time to appreciate the normal things of life: eating, collecting, etc., can think about how into the game. Learn to control the player is the designer of the most emotional thing to note.2moons dil Can also consider the players during the game play out the role of facial expressions are realized, allowing the player to feel his role is under the control of his own, so they will feel that they spend time, and obtained a harvest. In the course of the game design, for each design point, you need to pay attention to those who have become accustomed to things, thinking they should be what the next concept. So that we can let other people follow your thought, not you to follow others. The relationship between planning and programmers and programmers to get along, you can use 2 ways: first it is not directly tell his true ideas, but little by little into several parts to tell him. The second idea is to tell him that others have achieved in the past, so often inspired him to find ways to implement this idea. Of course, the most important thing is planners themselves, need to prepare very basic knowledge, that the project team in the game, the various positions of the basic knowledge and skills planners need to know, so that it can better communicate with them. (David here, for example, planning can take books to learn the Basic learning, programming is far less difficult to imagine) David's final conclusion: the project team, each person will have a good idea, the planning staff to welcome these different ideas. More importantly, these ideas can be summed up and concluded. In the meeting to discuss game design, you can call the various positions to discuss personnel. cheap 2moons dilPlanners need to believe their own ideas, but also need sufficient knowledge to arm themselves. ShinyEntertainment founder DavidPerry announced plans for the American game developer Acclaim to bring a player in the history of perhaps the most violent online game "bimonthly OL" (2Moons). DavidPerry can be said that the game is a legendary figure in its development than the classic games including action game "Earthworm Warrior" (EarthwormJim) and "The Matrix" (EnterTheMatrix) and so on. "Bimonthly OL" will be completely free form to the players. The fantasy game will rely on advertising to profitability, all ads will appear in the game's user interface (UI), and will not appear in the game world. Gengrang players happy is that the game is watching the ads can be the player to choose. If you do not like, you can turn off advertising. Perry explains: "It's like watching pay-TV as you want to watch a Mike Tyson boxing match takes forty dollars. But if you open the bottom right corner of the screen advertising, you can read for free." This modes will allow players to completely shut down in-game advertising, and do not spend a penny, and have the patience to watch the ads for the experienced players, or the value of prizes as a reward. The game is currently being considered by Acclaim both the United States and South Korea co-developer for development. Expected to be released in the second quarter of next year. The game as M-class, will be mainly for adult players. (Note: According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board's grading standards, M-rated games contain content suitable for people over 17 years of age.) AzureKnight: For melee weapons, and close skills can have multiple choice, is an integrated group to PK Knight players. SegitaHunter: use the bow, cross bow, and supporting the dagger operation, suitable for long-range powerful attacks. IncarMagician: attribute element can use a variety of magic, the magician has incredible offensive power. Segnale: treatment with a strong ability to doctor, only that he was also proficient in a variety of BUFF, disease, and powerful melee skills. BagiWarrior: follow old saying in the martial arts warrior, fighting with metal ring and glove, to give rival stormy blows. ViciousSummoner: good use of drugs, but also equipped with two swords or long after the magic stick to fight, to 15 after another can tame pets to help fight in the intersection when the bi-monthly, Exile Wang Rictus and his magician who opened the Pitborns and their leaders "Abaddon," the door into the world, Rictus thought he can control these demons, but ... ... the demons are powerful forces failed.buy 2moons gold Darkness enveloped almost the entire continent. By this time, the war to Abaddon the six brave soldiers / Master also born, and they work together to defeat Abaddon, but found it impossible to destroy it, so the cost of their own lives to Abaddon seals up. Today, the historical course of time, seal the forces have gradually disappeared, Abaddon and his minions were about to stage a comeback in an attempt to control this land again, and this is what you will face the world.


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