Warrior Build Information in 4Story

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Warrior Build Information in 4Story Empty Warrior Build Information in 4Story

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Warrior Build Information in 4Story
We collect some information about the Feran def warrior of 4Story, maybe it is not so perfect but we must credit to the author Rufus Rhiem for give us this precious build .Please read it on.

Skills: we know this probly doesnt make a whole lotta sense, but we do not remember the names of these skills xD. So unil we get back on and write down the skill 4 story gold names, we just used the shortcut numbers to indicate which skill is which. The PVP one is probly most confusing. The green path is the first part, and the red comes after. In pvp stun is your best friend.

If you can stun the opponent then you can pretty much win. We use stun, then use attack skills, then use sweep hell, attack skills, skill block, slow, and then repeat. In TW, warriors(4Story Gold) are pretty much shields that take hits and stun people. We rely on other peoples' aoes to do lots of the killing because warrior can only attack single opponent. If you are repping in a party, your job is to 4story gold gather and not let the other people die.


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