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For all intensive purposes of saving your skill points just a little bit for later level 4story gold skills (The really cool stuff! xP) We would suggest you put one « skill point » into the skills Sword Energy of Wind, and the skill Open Wounds. This is just pre-requisite measures to get your skill tree going (at least for the Battle section) As for those two skill. Do not continue putting points in the left side of the Battle tree as most of those skills are unnecessary.

For when you can, we suggest putting one skill point into the skill called « buy 4story gold » this is a life saver sometimes for lower levels and well even when you get up high in level it forces your opponents away from you and then they are back in arrow range for a moment so you can deal them more damage before they get back to you. We highly suggest using this skill to get out of sometimes deadly situations.

Now for the last part of the Battle tab in 4story gold . The left side is key. As soon as you can we would put your first point in all three of the skills on the left side them being « Fast movement ». « Blessing of Wind » And « Sharp senses » Fast movement allows you to dodge more attacks from your opponent which is really good in combination with the skill right below it « Blessing of Wind » which whenever a melee creature misses and attack on you the damage is reflected back onto them.

High Dexterity, Mentality, medium Strength and Vitality. Humans is the second most picked out of warriors. Cause of they higher Dexterity they can dodge more phyical attacks then anyother race. Also with there medium attack power and vitality they are strong race to be a warrior. You can buy 4Story Gold from our site if you dont have time to farm gold.

High Strength and Vitality. Werebeast is a good things for a warrior in 4Story. They also have good Dexterity not as good as humans but up there. Werebeast is the top class cause of these things. They cant dodge phyiscal attacks as much as the human warriors or dodge the magic ones like fairys but with high Vitality they can withstand it longer and destory oppenents faster.

High Wisdom, Intelligence, but low Vitality and strength. Fairys is need for a warrior, but they do have a good thing about fairy warriors. You all know that for warriors are weak against magic, but for those who do not know that since fairys have high wisdom they can dodge more magic attacks which helps. Also to make up for the lack of Vitality and Strength they can find items to build up these stats or upgrade there weapons to make up for the lost.

We choose a werebeast for our type of sytle. They dont dodge as much as humans can but with are highly vitality we can withstand it. Also we believe in a good balance defense with good attack power and werebeast has good power then others. Even with items and gear they are the best choice if you going to pick a warrior.

Since some play this game cant buy Cash Shop to play this game if you choose a werebeast, human, and fairy to fight eachother with same gear we do believe that the werebeast will win if no potions are involved.

The main purpose of this guide is in the wizard (as the title suggests), because it is the only class we really alone with his face. But a lot of points for all classes. ( Chat room posting pictures, but patients have difficulty with them as soon as possible a) the new master is a huge fairy who lived in a large mushroom mystery.

Someone they do not have the cash available for shopping, these banners are your best equipment in decent chance. You know, decent gear is essential to this game 4story luna. We get the old scroll up, but we have seen 15 people with a +18 ancient scroll only.

We know it sounds very right, but we fight it is the honest truth in 4Story . He is the boss who lay eggs every 8-12 hours (when he finally died) in the map of all the suspicious files. Each map has three different spawning sites, he randomly spawn. Unfortunately, we will not be giving any location, abuse leave you to explore. Once you beat the master of good, he drops 1-5 (maybe more) to upgrade the old scroll. These banners are the same) in cash to upgrade the project rare reel.

We will do our best to explain how to rep with efficient pulls. For beginners, reps are how you level in this gold game. You do the same task over and over again until your level and move to the next set of tasks. All sales representatives called the killing. To be quicker, it helps to know how to kill the most guys the fastest. A « Pull » is what we use to describe a way to collect the monsters to be killed. Rather than running out and killing monsters individually, it is faster to collect 4 story gold them into one place and kill them with AoE (area of effect skills).

Some classes like warrior and assasin do not have AoE skills, so they need to party with someone who does (priest, wizard, summoner, archer). As a soldier, you will be the party’s tank, which means you will run and collect monster, and take all hits. Other than our tough, so it is important to keep monster attacks you, do this by using the « Noble Responsibility » skill.

Now, one more 4 story gold thing. There are 3 types of monsters: melee, ranged, and magic. Melee are your best friend because they are so easy to pull. Just run through and they follow you. Between stone-throwing or archery at you from a distance, but if you are near, they melee. Magic monsters annoying, because they have never melee, cheap 4story luna ,making it difficult to pull. Usually you have to use a tree or something to bring them to where you want them to go.


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