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King of the world to make money 4Story Gold Cheats Empty King of the world to make money 4Story Gold Cheats

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Many first time players to play in leveling the king of the world are more depressed when Daguai, king of the world's strange because it is hard to beat.4story gold I tell you my experience Daguai so simple novice to know how the strange selection of pre-Kings playing nothing to say to the world, do not do the task can not rise 20 to obediently do the task, how much equipment do not need to go scouring, + 0 +1 is enough to use a level to change, `do not go directly to the market to buy, inexpensive low-level equipment to the 20 groups within the Master to kill the dragon underwater, presumably a lot of people know that it will drop Dragon Crystal Dragon Palace gray boxes , there are pearls and other precious materials, almost immediate concern go to 25 go back and do the task, do not rise 30 tasks, the task done as long as the underwater entrance to Angkor Wat, a word on it. The task was done about 28,29 to 3rd floor .. Ben Angkor, 1st floor flying monks, but also poisoning, not fight, 2, Yaksha too hard, give up, 3rd floor, too hard a lot of strange stones, There are many snakes female boss door, yeah, it is this, the relatively kill the snake woman is the best, Ren Ren immediate concern 32 or the door to kill the fox, the fox den, although the books are not equipped with boxes, but boxes and materials are intermediate is a very good drop, 34 foxes, a good 4story luna 32, insects can enter the den, and a strange team building ants, do not fight, but also immune shelled, into the map on the right, cellular, door many larvae, 37,38, and saying that you can blame the soft, 32 to kill the light easy to loose, do not run too much inside Oh, there are bees flying, is estimated to fight hate flying all strange to the child insects, equipment, materials, container materials, box everything that you can level 40 in the immediate concern here, or to 36,37 entrance to Mumbai to kill scorpions. Many people say why do not kill spiders are soft it, the spider is indeed very soft, but think of the terrible attacks on the .., Mumbai will be in front of scorpion poisoning, the sacred monks learn an intensive care the first 2 rounds to actions of other military forces to give the monks put it, then began to abuse the scorpion, because scorpions 44, `so experience very high, this time a little money should also be a little bit, and go get a few pieces of good armor and weapons. 40 can enter the ruins, and a floor, the strange bird flying pass, 2 floor of the soldiers too hard, but also blew, (I am not against you to commit suicide, but you want things to stay ah, blew an even scrap left below), went straight to the 3rd floor remains central, bullied ah blame here, though you easily out of low-level miss, but the blame to you only smoke, or to add more blue blood, the general attack, their defense is weak, the team Danlian very good, it will be out the box material and so on. If you can find two teammates, they also can go directly to the shadow layer 3 will be chaos into? Not afraid to pull .. buy 4story gold3v3 is not difficult, the giant crystal and animal calls out `for his primary intention to look at the pictures tame the beast, even if do not intend to with trained animals, crystal is still very valuable, `I find the team of 42 to 44 where the immediate concern,` and then began to tame animals to do the task, done almost 47 `, and` do not recommend you do tame the beast mission to, seal crystal ball and can sell Shanghao price. 46,47 After the task finished, you can choose to stay crystal brush, no team? Nothing to do with drawing, in fact, to equipment 46, a little money you do a good job a little bit, I do armor because, this time to do a 15 + 4 of 35 heavy helmet, other parts of the wear of the very poor, but enough anti-armor +4, and one shadow brush 3 is absolutely no problem, in order to silence a person trainer I brush the mold here, brush tired go to. Castlevania 46 can enter, we should have found that many copies of the first map are in fact not easy to play, soft hid it in the back, brush the dog? Very good option off, although I also like dogs, but because I crystallization of brush for a long time, that dog is not high enough level, experience is not great, I went to prison the first three plans, there are steel beautiful girl, beautiful girl Ah, number one guy I came, I heard cries, I long stationed here the. 4story luna2 kinds of iron and steel sub-strange girl, take an ax that looks scary, do not give him the tiger lived to see his name, magician!


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