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Goddess of creation, "Ruiya" Ivica guard the three kingdoms on the mainland Australia: a military power - God Fergus, magic kingdom - Quebec Eriksson, mercenary States - Bor. Kingdom is in the three countries competing to emphasize their origin and legitimacy of the situation,<a href="https://www.goldceo.com/4Story/4Story-gold.shtml">4story gold</a> the player will be transformed into a hero into the chaotic world, has been buried for thousands of years to find the truth hidden. Journey across time and space
From the past to the future, the development of the story lost in everyone's memory. Different story (task) is waiting for players. Each chapter has a very thrilling adventure, and mysterious clues closely, providing a patchwork ending the fun. The origin story of 4Story
devil called Horus Aryan, is a tribal war, the iwi to save Australia from the back of the hero, and as Emperor named Fergus and the Quebec connection between the Aryan Jackson Boulevard. Hidden secret behind this story Why?
Bckground of the myth of the plot throughout the entire section in the game foreshadowed in 4Story.
The god of creation and the eight guardian
Creator Goddess, sing praise
You praise the war that the tragic fate of the bear
The hands of the legendary creature in here
Praise the birth of this world, dear goddess of creation!
The initial origin of the "recovery"
The occasion in the chaotic wake the sleeping consciousness
This awareness has long been around in the heavens and the earth
In the era of the gods around, there are two different cognitive god back
The destruction of an invisible God,<a href="https://www.goldceo.com/4Story/4Story-gold.shtml">cheap 4story luna</a>
the other was in charge of the goddess of the existence and the secret of creation. Only to destroy the universe by the Creator God exists without, so no god of creation and destruction created from scratch there is opposition between the goddess of creation, destined to become the law of constant conflict.
At the end of endless conflict, the goddess of creation prevailed.
When the goddess of creation to compete in the destruction of God created all things under the tears, the fate of God appeared, said: "With the creation and existence of secret goddess ah! Not cry! Because even the god of destruction can not hurt you stronger the authority. "
Goddess said: "The fate of God! I do not cry for self-safety, tears from the void space is created on behalf of self-contradiction."
Fate hands to hold women Shenlei cold wet face, predicted that "the tears of sorrow will be with you until the eternal years. You will be a result of this conflict and disaster. You will no longer continue to creation, you will see species you create a long-term involvement in the war. until a hero comes of this world you created, otherwise the battle will be endless. "
Fate after leaving the care of a cold is gone, the goddess of the notice for the fate of God in mind. Her from under the shadow of the god of destruction left only her own existence to an unknown place.
Relies on the power of the goddess has everything forever
he lingered in her creation of the world
Land of chaos, the vast abyss
She created a bright, separate the darkness and light. She was leaning against the light striking the separation of marine and terrestrial, that makes a fire, she created a light spraying air. She saw all the beautiful, despite the light and dark, and that is the world's origins.
To be created in the world, three hundred days after the destruction of the existence of God, aware of this world. He ordered his forces to create the species of the world back to the original "no". However, just watch the goddess of compassion. Some people say that the goddess was too weak and no way to stop the attack. Some people said that the goddess to avoid war with the species. In any case, this "prophecy" has come true.
Goddess in the world to create eight single patron. Representative of the god of light shining on behalf of the god of the dark nether world, on behalf of Vulcan warm, the water activity on behalf of God, on behalf of agile Aeolus, the god of the earth on behalf of emotions, on behalf of Raytheon the mystery of the mysterious, and the strong will of the representative the god of iron and steel. The eight patron saint of the species eventually opened the struggle between the generations.
When the rivers of blood, born of the earth was torn, clean polluted forests are dead bodies everywhere, which eventually won the eight major victory for the patron saint. Ministry of the God of destruction of public declaration of allegiance to the patron saint of eight, but was allowed to start life in this world. In this group of people have claimed to be large mains, he conceals his own greed and prejudice to the patron saint of their oath, and patron saint who was so convinced him. Since then, the patron saint of their troubles were sown the seeds of each other.
Balance in both positive and negative, the goddess finally coming out, and she loved the destruction of the world. They worshiped the goddess as the patron saint of their mother, and prepared for the goddess of the throne of heaven heart of love and dedication. They called the goddess of the construction of Avalon the kingdom of heaven, so they will not let anything from the "no" species by the contempt. Everything was peaceful.
One day, this patron saint of their large mains to the front of the god of light, said: "Oh! The patron saint of all the best in the light of God! I see the confusion on your face." Great Explorer added : "I am afraid I venture to tell you that in this country where peaceful haven,<a href="https://www.goldceo.com/4Story/4Story-gold.shtml">buy 4story gold</a>
is planning a conspiracy." god of light and very angry roar. Large Explorer cunning managed to calm down the god of light, and then said: "Unfortunately, based on my humble capacity can not indicate which is planning the patron saint of this trick, but I know I can expect you." God of light retreated steps, said: "I will accept your suggestion to find the name of sinners and punish him."
Then they went looking for large mains god of darkness, said: "Oh! What the great patron saint! Deep and dark wisdom." He described the light of God's fury. He said: "I do not know why the god of light says. Even though I repeatedly told him it was impossible to happen, he is still convinced that he must go to defend the goddess, the goddess because there is a conspiracy to harm." God of darkness doubt the god of light what action will be taken, he said: "I will pay more attention to this situation."
Therefore, the gods of heaven created bad blood between
Questions were hindered conversation. Suspicion generated, block dialogue
Goddess of the Gods beginning to fairness and justice and protection against each other.
Large mains spawned opposition, misunderstanding, and hatred, the will to act as arbitrator in the former patron saint. He said: "the patron saint of their great! A small way to solve your problem, this is a gem installed eight sacred metal box, of which seven are transparent, there is a dark one. Who Fengyun dark gems drawn to obtain the honor of protecting goddess, you think? "large mains with his cunning tongue, immediately set off all the misunderstanding and suspicion, the patron saint began one by one selected stones.
Pumping iron in the unruly god of dark stones. Large mains immediately said: "The great god of steel! You are able to get a dark gem, let me humble steward announced to protect the goddess of glory to you. However, the god of light is breaking the rules, he said he would come on their own protection of the goddess. Unfortunately, I can not do anything. "
The kingdom of heaven in the short-term peace is broken. Gods of war began in the god of light and the god of iron and steel. Great battle damage, and even the goddess can not be recovered, and began to kill each other between the gods.
Iron God and the god of light meet after the war ended, the two sides come up with their own dark stones to the other view, he said: "The whole world is a humble person to play the." Sighed the god of iron and steel: "We are so selfish goddess situation worse." They smashed the dark stones and left.
Iron God and the god of light to destroy in this tormented land, saw the housekeeper. Lies the origin of all those who laughed and said: "Too late!<a href="https://www.goldceo.com/4Story/4Story-gold.shtml">4story luna</a>

Patron saint of which rely on long-term ~ I have been longing pious goddess." God, in public fight between each other when the housekeeper has been established that belonged to his race . That "prophecy" come true again.
Iron God and the god of light to fight against the housekeeper, the two finally defeated the name of the patron saint of waiters, and banished him back to "no", but they have so died.
Avalon noble patron saint of paradise with the two sacred body and blood comes into the world, people who know Avalon existing site has died, the last period of ancient history has long been forgotten. However, the power of people to live long past into the world, but also into the source of the world. The world is Avalon, and the gods of the historical sites, but the "prophecy" has not yet been achieved.


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