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In the world of 4story gold King is important, it was hard for leveling the beginning, and later P But good junior players and equipment, too sad it! If you want pure leveling, cheap dragon oath gold does not consider the money issue, you can go to the top to find polar bear Ostersund (90), White Wolf (96), wild polar bear (96), violent White Wolf (106) weird Soft less blood, it will only use the violent will, be a good practice, but good team.

If you want to consider the money issue, then you play it slowly with the level, 8X can go to the death of General City, 9X can go to the volcanic canyons, 1XX can go to the cosmic tree Dragon Oath Gold About 80 spiders in general to fight the city, a roughly ten million.

Anyway, lighting hit a fly around picking up the knife ... a ten million City slowly to the general task of playing complete solution, then hit the volcanic ghost flames, the flame souls, they do not hit a few levels. Anyway, the protagonist of a buy 4story luna broke ninety to play White Wolf, if you want to make the flame Wraith whether you will be out of the box = 90 = do not have to hit a few levels Why resort to break ninety White Wolf? Because when a eighty-seven about thirteen thousand fourteen thousand experiences, eighty-eight fewer, less eighty-nine change ... But after the break ninety, a change from 24,000 to 25,000 experience, enough for you rushed ninety-five the Ninety-five around the tree hit the first floor of the universe ... or sea lion seal seal ...

Or else what to play on the second floor of the guardian beast ... cheap 4Story Gold What do beat the Berserker Guardian beast sort of thing because less blood Mofang low 4Story Gold usually stars with light fly. Or else to add light to fly to summon animals, wipes out all A glance at hua tuo lying in the haze of empty, and then said: "there is a minute you can be free?" Beth empty haze of fear, constantly hua tuo deep fear and trembling hua tuo what those trick. But see hua tuo from flank picked up some herbal medicine, and then put thought empty haze.

Beth empty haze that for his wound hua tuo, although the clothes torn him, but is no damage. Behold the hua tuo but a way: "these medicine for you,4story gold, you will start after refining, these materials refined ten small enough force to restore pills, if you five more refined, I even if you qualified!" Beth was appreciated by the empty haze look into decadent, he is now regretting input Fahrenheit door, his medical abuse of a teacher, who is the day after that. Beth empty haze determined, as long as one can restore activities, he immediately tried drugs don't tried what medicine, all side!

Hua tuo arose to leave, but seem to remember what turned toward beth empty haze said: "well, you dare to disappear, I took out a door Fahrenheit..." Had heard these words, beth empty haze face emerge a satisfied, then a completely free to think haze not sound against the thought of "... and I was out, as long as medical door, will be depending on the outside, you traitor to drag the medical from any drugstore buy medicine, even a traveler." For system,4story gold, traveler's players NPCS, disappear is offline. And that you can't "hua tuo from any drugstore buy medicine, even a traveler" to think it is not empty haze, fatal blow, even all players not trading, it is only after his death was really etc. At the back, hua tuo disappeared into the empty haze has sent the sheep was feeling.

A minute, beth empty haze still lying on the ground, two minutes, three minutes... All over half an hour later, empty haze, micro sighed sat up.

The ground is hua tuo's six themselves out. Refining Big shot -- up sharply, physical force fully recover fully recover strength duplication, inside short time, Wash bone anointed king -- bone permanent + 2, the margin of 90, bone with 60 use, Etc.it pill -- for a certain period to hurt by the sword and weaken the bone attribute,buy 4story gold, the damage must have resist damage taken half an hour, is invalid, Activate collaterals anointed by some * * banned - actions, can push aside trapping of * *, Hemostasia mint - with cool mint scattered, can restore little bleeding and life, Activate the scattered with fragrance, powder, use, after staying power in effect; collapse, White moans, three hours - poison continuous restore life value, but cannot move. With the white moans, now has only one six.

Think about their future will play, unless the life! But the coming days, to play down the river, if some feelings just start up don't feel anything, but now just give up, too bad. but "Bang!" A ring again, hua tuo stood with anger: "think haze empty behind you put in? I am not pilose antler with me to call you mix the medicinal?" Beth empty haze startled, wish this must die, but don't give up NuZui way: "return not bashful say, you give ShouZha materials and success, I couldn't have failed several times!" "That is not enough, return to dare to bicker?" Hua tuo shouted, and then a "" sound...

A half hour after beating, empty haze depressed, then open refined medicine a burst of applause: "ha ha, success! Small internal medicine! Or I recover, plus the velvet antler is a success!" "You idiot!" Hua tuo grief anger yells, "you just don't know a small internal medicine cost recovery? You don't know how many money does not know velvet antler?

Take medicine to refine, make small internal medicine! You recover..." Followed by a villager's disorderly rang... Think of the mixed with empty haze with hua tuo's daughter expect too much frequently defy sound... But to be called "the night of violence," the chapters in beth empty haze got all night cheap 4story luna by the flesh of bitterness and constantly refining process of medicine slowly through...


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