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" 4story gold " is a description of the process the role of a hero, and has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategic command system) MMORPG. "4Story" composed by the three countries.

The three countries, which has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. This three countries were different historical claim, which became the fuse pulled the three countries of the endless war. The emergence of a hero to change the fate of these three countries, his country's victory in order to unlock the puzzle of the history of the end of the war, the hero is the player.

Game for three players chosen race: Terran, Orc, and Orc. Six career options: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call. The hell for three consecutive days, after doctors exercise was finally broke through empty haze, the title of doctor apprentice most experience value can be attributed to the 15 hours of waste materials, cheap 4story luna, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to anyone in five breakthroughs "apprentice" the title. At this moment, the haze and residual empty dreams both stood in Dali, waiting outside the temple of the Renaissance.

Last night, five people are indulged in dormitory river, but also said, today is learned his piece day, because the job was done, as long as a reward, bring can leave the temple, the other two Dali is said is not over, only then more than hard days, so today will arrange the thoughts and the residual haze empty dreams come up for both learned to dust. The residual dream also have betrayed tang, no door by martial arts, but all martial arts by five layer upon layer 3, though for a little sad, but this has been the kindness of door is tang, 4story gold, they went to buy the basic fencing to learn to be a swordsman, after all, play a sword to handsome.

He waited about a few minutes later, I saw a voice cried suddenly rang: "ha ha! Lao tze finally piece! My section's first finally return to jianghu!" "Section, you give me to be quiet, otherwise it will waste your skill!" A voice of boring to follow. "Be is be, I follow the instruction segment fame boss..." See a figure in Dali, then step temple appeared in the doorway of the three bows down from the ladder. Beth empty haze and residual dream at all the people who are without looking at it, now that they are not face the BaoXiao up.

When the Renaissance jian tip in the right thigh think haze empty, empty when left a ghostly resents the haze of loose move, meet up sword against all these days, the face is hua tuo, also is his master, empty haze simply not to chop down a sword, and basic fencing hua tuo as bad as before, not to mention the other basic, have no time to practice, empty haze began to regret the impulse. A sword against loose touch hands bronze jian learned, only heard a clay mugs slipped, 4story luna, bronze sword immediately broke out, by the residual forces have learned two shock, and learned two steps back immediately remaining bronze sword cut into the ground, cut back two step, smiling at beth empty haze. "By the fifth floor 12% to the fourth floor 73%."

Although it is a floating leaves, but face said everybody knows, the internal forces and practicing martial arts training. Internal training is very troublesome and boring, but no other way outside, meditation, and let the system, not only cost power-leveling greatly, and the only player when the effect of meditation, had a quarter. But the float, 39% of proficiency drop too too, to cause the high-level skills, the longer the time is required.

And in the fifth floor has unexpectedly to float leaves at the moment, how can the fourth layer was not let a person? Renaissance was laughed, they began with a fear looked Renaissance. "Ha ha, reduced 39% of internal skill, but also bring me not only the internal force, buy 4story gold,it seems I in absorption and transformation of the aspects are still not skilled ah.

" A sweet, throat feeling learned by the mechansm already know yourself, but also dare not show only lend a hearty laugh, and blood pressure forced. "I don£§t know what you joined, and to learn is by what martial arts? How can there arc appear?" Ming asked others powers is "a" immoral, everyone has their privacy, and martial arts, is their privacy! If you let someone know your skill, natural enemy will fall in the passive, although know oneself skill is the Renaissance was found, but still have some unwilling, although know float does not speak, but the question out there, at the same time, some of the heart. "

I did not join any branches, just happened to worship the one man for teacher, he taught me the book book or mad, my sword and skills are from the book", or mad." Floating leaf was silent for a moment later, or say, but still cold tone, "the hand of indifference, but also the teacher is an immense jian, since the Lord has met loose, I have nothing to linger on leave, cheap 4story luna".

Say, shape also gets flying skills to fly out in a few moments, disappear in post.


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