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Journey times of trouble, 4story gold ten countries melee, pet. Sunburn day heaven and earth compete in the world. Hero Hill Commoner wilderness generation. Knife in hand, flat chest pains and sorrows! Chu four southern border of the morning fog reload warrior horse XIAO, watched the handsome backs from disappearing.

Long, among which Nongmeidayan, Bright Debut, Bearing declared Aung young warrior. Light snapped under the emperor about Royal Horse Block. However soon as choking, Zhi-day swords scabbard. Look of Xiaosha, Yang Han- King City knife straight direction: "brothers, 4Story Gold, cool end he chose to put aside your sadness. What we need is to defend the glorious victory. Target. Han China, Heaven's Secretary of State. Chu also remember the great spirit you have faith and who give us one, we also his 10. Chu and Han scores a long time.

Only a perfect ending to draw the hands of knife! "Initials,4story gold Finals and another wave of landing him the reins, took the lead in the out . Big Chudi Guo Marshal "super man" over the past few fortitude and calm and full of killing Italian eyeful. Rode on the straight edge with Han. "And so on." Four years of older warriors who shouted, rode before the cross and super-Goma, a mosaic of Sunburn days Battlegear the Sky Streamer splendor. Chu people admire another great hero. "Open open. And so on, it is now shipped in Chu Guoguo you leave. I go alone. Chinese minister will fall today. King Xiang Yu and sad small arrow you keep the state's borders.

Handsome leave now because our power is very weak, cheap 4story lunaand can not allow countries are lost. "" I repeat offenders Chinese border. Today is the Minister of blood sacrifice time with their hands Sunburn days my knife. "" No! "The Emperor Xiang Yu did not open such a large opening words of Ben finished a very firm attitude, said," We brothers, today is Siyeyaosi together, naturally cool, because women give up the prime minister's office. We have lost a brother fighting side by side, we can not separate. Monk family turned against him, Chu precarious, so difficult, we all adhere to the teeth. Strength in recovery now. We can not lose! "A sad Supreme Battlegear small arrow has been looking down at the hands of the swords. Hear them talking, this time broke into a laugh: "Well, you do not, do not like the edge of death, Runes of Magic gold, OK. Army and former New Beelzebub your family a few monks seven into seven to overcome the spirited city where the King of Han went.

Control his powerful army of Han China, Chinese Minister today with our brothers by the sword will cut. "Xiang Yu, super brother, open open laughed. Xiang Yu: "The Monk family forget it, that family has become the glory and the glory of the last great Chu and sentimental all the rage. Today, runes of Magic mana stone, we are brothers in the hands of knife with an end to them. "Raising the hands of four knives. Imperial Royal Horse angry scream. If Lixianzhijian. Fired at the border. Hands of the knife as if to pierce the glow of light pierced the darkness of the world. This is the journey the four warrior champion Chu senior official in troubled times, buy 4story gold,of course, they are brothers side by side to do battle.

Chu and the Han lasted thousands of years if the rancor and strife, the journey in the world, the Chu and Han war more intense. January to the family as the monk Chu collective defection and rebellion. Chu Han to launch full-scale invasion. Chu suffered heavy losses in after the hero of the four major generals Chu. State prepared to slash Hon Minister, use this to inspire people to progress, solidarity and unyielding! Warning to the Chinese Great Chu inviolable. Born handsome. Go slow. Not far from the New World. He had his back with blood, sweat Kanle Yan guard too large Chudi Guo's territory. Distance of the palace is still standing majestically at sunset. He made his beloved woman sworn, Zhi-day swords sealed. Romantic, Phoenix Lake to water the horses together, falls to pieces four snow dragon. Rivers and lakes do not ask things. Moving forward.

Can immediately see the dreaming lover of. But I do not know why, never able to put some things in mind. He know that several of his brothers stabbed to go to Chinese minister also know that they have to face is how tough opponents. Evening twilight as blood, Hanwang Town Square in a lot of people, they are not to party, just to kill them. Now the enemy has been surrounded. Want to kill too many people, the latter can not see, nor less than to kill. Previous kill or killed do not know. Were three strange huge circle around them to kill enemies. Circle of people out to kill, outsiders to the inside to kill people. The injured lying on the ground crying, and Dao Guang of the blood splashed juice, one evening under the pathos of the picture. Super brother smiled.

Tian He hands the next day on a knife Roasted blood. Watch Chinese Marshal South 小妖 Raising hand. This is your blood. 小妖 also perked up in the hands of the knife with a smile, 4story luna,pointed blade is dripping blood. That this should be yours. Super brother laugh really gentle: "You are Chinese and I am willing to respect country's only opponent." demon also with a smile: "I always respect my respect for opponents. That we respected. Knife again. "Initials, Finals and fall, who fired over, hidden in the Dao Guang of Columbia. The same time, the Imperial Ancestral Temple Hanwang corner of the city. Big Ben opened Hengdao flew open, dignified black eyes looking at the Han Ya Ya a national guard troops: "There'm here? Did not all get out." Behind him is a warrior being cut down the Chinese national body. Group of samurai to protect Chinese national minister, shaking hands holding weapons. Chu front of this great generals, who have long been heard.

Experience he means a near escape. However, the State Minister cut a great shame. Only to continue fighting. Besides they did not retreat. Back to killing people, pushing them forward. Do not know who was killed in front. Big Ben to open open. Mouth smile with disdain. Worth mentioning. I kill you be not defiled with Roasted day knife. Knife set aside from the purple circle with a red Xue Wu . Intended to kill a flood attack rave reviews. Minister stood. Xiang Yu and sad Predator almost see the faces of proud smiles minister, a step away. Is so hard. Battlegear long been blood soaked body, the enemy's blood? Own blood! No pain. Do not know how many enemies, numbness machinery waving knife. Xiang Yu Kan Leyan small arrow. "Brother you say. Handsome in it, the Minister is now back yet?" Small arrow to shoot the King escaped the arrows, wiping the blood under his face, Lie Zhezui said. "Quick to the Minister that kill it. Over time, the wound can be painful, and handsome would not have come." "Well, if come.

Now minister began to cry." Xiang Yu to a small arrow, then amused, "Oh, we washed. Minister for the kid to cry." Red blood, golden Battlegear. Ya Ya coming black tide of soldiers. Journey of the world to kill a process! Super Brother difficult Raising knife again Sunburn days. Smiling face still has that soft. If not ready to kill, not like death. But more like old friends on the dance floor * dance. Han Marshal. South demon, Wo Dao's hand was shaking. She has been eager to encounter on the battlefield can be a go, and his opponents. However,4story gold, she also cherish their honor. Eyes of the enemy seems to have endless war views. Did not mean retreat. She can not lose. Raising the knife. All of them back. He is mine. Her back as her subordinates to issue an order. He and I came second strength of one-on formula. Anyone who can not Fangleng Jian! Two people fighting together again. Dao Guang and impact across each will have Xuewu flying. Can not tell who's blood, the only clear that the captain of the two countries are to honor and faith in the hearts have been scarred. Big Ben to open to open, do not know how many people killed. He does not know how many people they killed, just because Chinese State Warriors still so much. Seems to kill without a break. Big crowds. After countless days of Huo Liaoyuan burning was the God of a thousand record 100 holes. He felt a little bit of power in the blood as the wound is disappearing. He must be the fastest rushed to minister there. Before their fall, cut down the minister. He also worried that his three other brothers. Just too many people, killed casual. He worried about their safety. Secretary of State now has no movement direction. Hard to. Small arrow, and Xiang Yu was forced in a corner next to the Minister, the Minister has no way to close.

Two people were cut down time and time again they stand up. Blood into two people. Chinese state warriors surrounded their cruel torture to slow opponents. The way they fall, the smile stir: "rise again Yeah, act recklessly Chu dog." Xiang Yu was leaning on the small arrow weakness, said: "Brother, I now believe. Handsome would not have come. Brother you say that we hung up. More than worth ah. Minister no cutting knife. "Said, standing in front of laughter knife put the most powerful Chinese State Warriors Kan Fan." Ah. Come on people ah. Minister cut ah. Come and reinforcement. "Xiang Yu and the small arrow spent. They see.

Chu has been the prime minister to see a large, their brother - born handsome, dressed in a god 15 star Sunburn, Sunburn day hands knife, knife blade to the Chinese Minister of bloody amputations. All the soldiers Hanwang City Secretary Department to build quickly. Big Ben to open open and smiled. He found the enemy in front of withdrawal to the Secretary of State Office. Haha I must have cut the three brothers have been the Minister, and aroused. Leash. One knife to kill Secretary of State's direction to go. Trapped ultra-Colombian side of the Han State Marshal South 小妖. Do not go on fighting longer. Took the edge of the news Chu four attacks, if they cut down four ministers today. Where is the country face Han. She only dropped the opponents, buy 4story gold,only the direction of Minister Ben away. She understood, Minister of the fall of the mean. She can not let ministers fall! 3 encirclement disappeared. The Secretary of State Office has formed a huge circle.

Chinese State Warriors, the state of almost frenzied attack as the core office. Days Huoliao Yuan. Overlord arrows. All weapons, all of the attack skill . All the Chinese national soldiers understand that they must not allow the Minister down. Open to open and ultra brother is like from the circle just popped up outside of the circle, and now they want to kill from outsider to the circle. King Xiang and sad small arrow, to let their bodies do not fall, with handsome body guarding. Sunburn cool day with all its waving swords. The blood of the body, such as spring-like pouring from the wound. He became a warrior all the Chinese national targets. While cutting the side shouted out: "Without me, you will not work, which cut a minister so hard, to see me more relaxed ah.

Cool surprise at this time still does not change his humorous temper." But, he hit the knife had been exhausted obvious weakness. Assault on Precinct him a look of Xiang Yu and the small arrow. Fall over Costa Rica. Big Ben to open open. Sad small arrow. King Xiang Yu. When they see the minister down time. Their brothers born handsome. Also slowly falling. Minister down, because cool that too sharp knife. Cool down,cheap 4story luna because demon attack too fast. Cool never puts down his own brother. He is coming. Minister has finally been cut down several of their brothers . In Xiang arms, cool only said one sentence, tell Shui, I was forced you come! "Seven" Delight, all in a sina new blog, come and experience the ah ~ please click to enter ~


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