4Story: Which Race to Chose

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4Story: Which Race to Chose  Empty 4Story: Which Race to Chose

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:47 pm

4Story: Fairy should be the best for Wizard, as their Intelligence=Magic Damage and Wisdom=Magic Defense & Attack Rating stats are the highest compare to other classes which are the most important for mage. But Fairy weakness is that their Vitality (HP) and Physical Rating (dogde) are low compared to others. Human is decent as Mage because their stats are like in the middle, decent hp, decent magic attack and so on.

Werebeast - high vitality and strength, lowest intelligence than other classes(4story luna). We wouldnt suggest you to pick werebeast as mage, but if you feel like wanting to be unique, then go with it xD. We agree, however beast wizards are used in tw, sw, dung for stuns. Wizard are strong, but archer aoe is better to mobs, wizards are good against beast tankers though. Beast wizard=tank stunner human wizard=average play, good in most areas. Keep in mind, all class+race has pros and cons. som classes+race does matter, but not all.

Sins are good against mages, but as a fairy perfect mage killer. Just weaker. but as a fairy sin, you cant kill any other classes unless level and/or gear diff, or luck. Fairy warrior=not fail. Warriors are good as zerk, but later on in gameplay you gotta be tank to be very usful in tw,sw, still up to you, this is wat we think. warriors are very hard to kill, unless ur a mage. warrior vs mage= dead warrior. But as a fairy warrior, you hav less attack, less hp, abit less physical def, but a lot of magic def. which means they are hard for mages to kill, but cuz of other reasons, other classes would hav less difficulty killing.


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