4story Game States: a comprehensive description of three countries (2)

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4story Game States: a comprehensive description of three countries (2)  Empty 4story Game States: a comprehensive description of three countries (2)

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Eriksson's sovereign Quebec, 4 Story Gold "Lourdes ? lan ? Luopei Sa" has a full period of the mainland Australian Prime Minister Ivica. So far he is still working on magic and alchemy, his time is always in their cities to study the magic and alchemy, and the wizard. But Eriksson is in Quebec where the feudal system under the decentralized system of rule, Lourdes Knights deployed to direct the magic everywhere, soldiers led by the local lord of military units "spear cavalry" and therefore is a very stable place.
During the establishment of the Queen inherited Breed natural affinity, the beautiful city of Quebec and the long history of Jackson, it seems like telling the history of the past are still many beautiful buildings to maintain its lifeblood mysterious. While Breed beautiful queen palace by Emperor Fu Ruisi "black months of evening massacre" has left after the ruins, but next to her playing in the satellite cities,4 Story Luna "according to Siou" the preservation of still intact, and in the present The Martha Marcus region next to the newly created capital, stands silent.

Eriksson used the power of Quebec Wizard Wizard furnace, maintained until the last reign of Queen's magic protection Ivica Leah Ward. And then study the strength development process and the magic of alchemy, it became known as the artificial production of "God's arms" has a special magic weapons and armor and the ability to ornament the basis of relevant research so far is still underway.

Quebec Eriksson magic knight all value their honor, their increase by one on one practice combat skills. And the use of wizards and magic power to attach their own powerful weapons,4 Story Gold their attack can even play an attack as long as he can knock down block in front of the enemy.


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