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To a strong monarchy and military power as a basis for autocratic monarchy "Na Ban Maxia" the creation of a military state, he was heralded as the "Lion King", "sun king", and its ability to command strong as a basis for the successful implementation of centralized rule, 4story goldand as the basis of the soldiers (mainly composed of infantry) are indicated in units of thousands of people-intensive team-based, and the strength of a positive pressure against the enemy break through. Fergus Emperor in the "Breed Diya Te Broken" rule of Queen, was unified under the Ivica Australia, and the construction of Thon Buri across the sea to resist the evil Mu alien invasion of the mainland's "Allah Hoole "defensive defense city wall. Therefore, all urban architecture in the building are focused on the defense function, and this style still in use.

The city gives the impression, is the seat by the thick walls and surrounded by bunkers, and caused a very strong visual impression of the fortress castle. Although there are also the iron industry, as the center of civilization, but if the characteristics of Fergus to say God, or to the majority of agricultural land as the basis of a dominant position. Fergus territory south of Dili to "complete it" as the center of a vast land area, although once occupied by Bor, eventually was recovered, so far as the agricultural center of Dili Fergus, play an important role. A former military ruler "class Maxia satisfied", was a guard here, historians, and to enter the central politics. Since the "ÄɵÂÍßÏ£¶û" campaign, the Breed queen disappear, the power of the blank during the "black months of evening massacre" event, in the process of picking up the pieces, but also after some power to infighting, and ultimately lost Eriksson is now the king of Quebec, "Lu Deluopeisa", returned to their own sphere of influence of the Emperor Fergus area, and there established a national, self-appointed rulers, as the basis for a strong monarchy, and in order to Quebec Eriksson and Lourdes and fully prepared to commence battle. All players under the Emperor Fergus, Fergus can use inherent in Dili exclusive group fighting ability, which is representative of the characteristics of God Fergus military technology, the composition of intensive team-based fighting with the enemy's ability to benefit posed. Eriksson's sovereign Quebec, "Lourdes lan Luopei Sa" has a full period of the mainland Australian Prime Minister Ivica.

So far he is still working on magic and alchemy, his time is always in their cities to study the magic and alchemy, and the wizard. But Eriksson is in Quebec where the feudal system under the decentralized system of rule, Lourdes Knights deployed to direct the magic everywhere, soldiers led by the local lord of military units "spear cavalry" and therefore is a very stable place. During the establishment of the Queen inherited Breed natural affinity, the beautiful city of Quebec and the long history of Jackson, it seems like telling the history of the past are still many beautiful buildings to maintain its lifeblood mysterious. While Breed beautiful queen palace by Emperor Fu Ruisi "black months of evening massacre" has left after the ruins, but next to her playing in the satellite cities, "according to Siou" the preservation of still intact, and in the present The Martha Marcus region next to the newly created capital, stands silent. Eriksson used the power of Quebec Wizard Wizard furnace, maintained until the last reign of Queen's magic protection Ivica Leah Ward. And then study the strength development process and the magic of alchemy, it became known as the artificial production of "God's arms" has a special magic weapons and armor and the ability to ornament the basis of relevant research so far is still underway. Quebec Eriksson magic knight all value their honor, their increase by one on one practice combat skills. And the use of wizards and magic power to attach their own powerful weapons, their attack can even play an attack as long as he can knock down block in front of the enemy. Bor is located in dry and desert, initially by a large scale from the Muslim invasion of alien monsters who launched "ÄɵÂÍßÏ£¶û" Battle of the refugees fled south to escape the establishment of the refuge when the city. Most of the southern region Ivica Australia formed by the desert for a considerable disadvantage in terms of living conditions, but the Bor area as the central highlands of the southern tip of the city began to take shape. However, the harsh environmental and poor economic infrastructure, in order to bring only the beginning of the Bor poverty and chaos, in which two teenage boys growing up under "Neidebaide" and "Tristan" childhood home embarked on a risky journey, and they eventually grow into amazing young people and return home, not out of poverty in order to revitalize the home of Bor and work. Master the business alliance they established a new Bor, and to be constructed as Emperor Fergus and not be swayed by the powerful Quebec Eriksson country efforts.

At this point, Fergus and Quebec Eriksson Timor border crossing between the "Aryan channel" is blocked by the formation of here so completely disrupted trade between the two countries, 4story lunawhich makes Bor found a great opportunity. Fergus by the Emperor of agricultural products and Quebec Eriksson magic weapons brokering the triangular trade relations under the slowly accumulated wealth Bor, as an opportunity to finally lay the basis for the country, and cultivate its unique The cavalry with great flexibility in the desert. The rationality and economy of Bor as a first principle, to the desert and the unique architectural style characterized by large canals, and harbor facilities for trade and Oasis as the center, successfully built a desert city. Soldiers for the Bor, the battle with the enemy of technology is important, but first and foremost is the need in more difficult environment to survive. Thus, environmental adaptation, and continuity of life from the dead line methods have achieved great development and become the unique characteristics of Bor. Their main use will be more machine power than a two back attack tactics, and training in sustainable development to sacrifice some defensive mobility was able to have amazing skills.


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