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Something About Reps in 4Story Empty Something About Reps in 4Story

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:20 am

We will do our best to explain how to rep with efficient pulls. For beginners, reps are how you level in this 4Story gold game. You do the same task over and over again until your level and move to the next set of tasks. All sales representatives called the killing. To be quicker, it helps to know how to kill the most guys the fastest. A "Pull" is what we use to describe a way to collect the monsters to be killed. Rather than running out and killing monsters individually, it is faster to collect 4 story gold them into one place and kill them with AoE (area of effect skills).

Some classes(4Story Luna) like warrior and assasin do not have AoE skills, so they need to party with someone who does (priest, wizard, summoner, archer). As a soldier, you will be the party's tank, which means you will run and collect monster, and take all hits. Other than our tough, so it is important to keep monster attacks you, do this by using the "Noble Responsibility" skill.

Now, one more 4 story gold thing. There are 3 types of monsters: melee, ranged, and magic. Melee are your best friend because they are so easy to pull. Just run through and they follow you. Between stone-throwing or archery at you from a distance, but if you are near, they melee. Magic monsters annoying, because they have never melee, making it difficult to pull. Usually you have to use a tree or something to bring them to where you want them to go.


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