4Story Guide for Attack Skills

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4Story Guide for Attack Skills Empty 4Story Guide for Attack Skills

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:06 am

Attack Skills

As a Defence warrior(4story gold) you only focus on the left skill tree, the right side is for Beserkers.

Forcefull Spirit
Its a good damage attack skill, must have skill in our opinion, max as you go.

Vengeful Blow
Another attack skill though not our favorite, it can only be used if the target dodged an attack, thats makes it use unreliable and unpredictable. It's damage is said to be good though and we may consider adding this at a later time. For now we added one as it is a requirement for teh floowing skills in 4Story.

A defence warriors best friend, stun skills, disable either your opponent in PvE or PvP. It's a must have skill, max as you go.

Sword Energy of Binding
It slows down you opponent a lot. Useless for PvE but very usefull for PvP. you cant stun lock ranged opponents all the time, the cool down of your 2 stun skills is too long, this helps you bridge that gap and stay and make sure your opponent wont run away. You are Melee so you need to keep them close to you. Start putting points in this if you consider PvP, if not it can wait till you do.


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