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4Story Priest Guide for Skills Empty 4Story Priest Guide for Skills

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4Story Priest Guide for SkillsDate:09-03-2010 views: 20 Author: admain Editor: tangtang Text Size: A A A

So this is our skill tree as a Support Priest in 4Story.

1. Holiness

So as you can see in the picture, we pretty much maxed up all the buff skills except the MP(4Story luna) buff because it is less important. Buff skills are such as Blessings of Goddess, Holy Encouragement, Repletive Health Power, Repletive Mental Power, Desire for Stability, and Desire for Luck.

Skills like Pure Soul and Divine Blessings are great to have; it makes you or your teammate invincible for a short amount of time. Just a level of this skill are enough, higher level of this skill will only prolonged the skill for a second or two.

Holy Purification skill is useful in Territory Wars because there will be a lot of de-buff, stun, confuse, blind and other few skills going on, these skill will remove those bad effect. Heal is the skill where you can heal a single target and Healing Touch is an Area of Effect healing. Max this skill because it will heal more amount of HP each cast.

Lekamie's Touch is a skill that will reset other skills cooldown, raging up to 50% to 70% successful rate depending on the level. This skill is useful for long cooldown skill such as Holy Encouragement. Resurrection is only useful when you have a teammate died doing Repeats Grinding. In a Territory War, you won't have much chance to resurrect someone on the battlefield.



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