4Story Priests Guide for Skill Categories (3)

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4Story Priests Guide for Skill Categories (3) Empty 4Story Priests Guide for Skill Categories (3)

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Darkness in 4Story:

Most of these skills are for attack. Skills on left side are for 1 on 1 fight. There are 2 AOE skills. First is good but second sucks. Its 10x worse than first and you have to pay 2 skill points to unlock it. Bloodsucking is HP(4Story Luna) drain skill. Our favourite skill is "Remembrance of Former Life". It transforms you into bird and let's you fly. That helps with some quests.

Shocking Darkness - It gives a little extra damage off on a hit. You can make combo with Mana's Afterimage.

Mana's Afterimage - You can only use it after a successful Shocking Darkness. deals extra damage without using any mana.

Cursed Darkness - This is continues damage skill. It don't really deal a lot of damage. We don't like this skill.

Eclipse - Great multi-stun skill. This skill blinds enemies around you for a short amount of time. It is very useful. Use it before AOE spell or whenever you like.

Hypnotize - Stun enemy for a certain period of time but the monster or opponent wakes up if attacked during the time the skill is active.

Remembrance of a Former Life - It transforms you into crow and let's you fly whereever in the game while consuming mana every second. This is great skill becouse you can reach very high places quickly, you can take a shortcuts, use it to suprise enemy, and so on. This is our favourite skill.


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