2Moons New Guide for PvP(2)

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2Moons New Guide for PvP(2) Empty 2Moons New Guide for PvP(2)

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:59 pm

The reason is because as soon as the first level(2Moons powerleveling) 36 spell start taking effect you will be able to cast your second level 36 spell, so the 2nd spell will start taking effect as soon as the first one ends and so on, the casting time will not matter once the chain starts. Some people argue that the 36 spells can be easily dodged, this may be true, but when a mage is spamming endless 36 spells.

Level(2moons gold) 51 spells makes good support to the 36s, they have higher overall damage output when maxed compared to the 36s and high knockback chance, this is useful against melee opponent at a distance, a continous 51s spam will help keep them at a distance. You should not use it however against opponents with ranged skills and also melee based opponents at close range.

Because if at anytime your spell failed to knockback your opponent, they will be able to strike back and interrupt your whole spell sequence and that will be costly to you. So the moral here is to use a combination of 36s and 51s against bagis, knights and segs. Use only 36s against hunters and other mages. Do whatever you want with the summoners. As for skills points on 2Moons, max your 36s but put only 1 point into each of the 51s just to get their knockback effect.


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