Something About Survival Tab in 4Story (1)

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Something About Survival Tab in 4Story (1) Empty Something About Survival Tab in 4Story (1)

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:30 pm

As you can tell when you start out as an archer in 4Story, you start off with the skill Eagle eye and Shadow of Soul. Therefore no need to put points into these as they are already fixed and you got them for your use. Now there is a couple of important skills on this skill tree and we will explain them right now. The left side of the tree has an extremely important skill to get to, and it's the bottom skill on the left side of the tree called "Lapiris' Touch" the first level(4Story Gold) of this skill is critical to have because it gives you a chance to not have to wait for your skills to "cooldown".

It has a fifty percent succession rate of re-initializing your skills, so you may put them back on right away after they run out. Lapiris' Touch has a 12 minute cooldown time also so we suggest using it as soon as you buff with all your skills. Now the right side of the skill tree has furthermore some more important skills we would get some points into whenever possible. Move like the Wind is very useful for getting you out of situations where either a lot of monsters or a lot of people are chasing you.


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