Flame Throwing in 4Story

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Flame Throwing in 4Story Empty Flame Throwing in 4Story

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:41 am

Try to have a highest level(4Story Luna) of magic defense basin. a hobby who we think is particularly important to accelerate, the new fighting language. This increases your magic attack speed, or in other words slightly reduced the time to use your skills further.

With the fans and to reduce the staff has Good choice of magic attack speed and power you can lock. The other two fans is a good thing, equipped with rapid calculation and rapid charging. Fast calculated as one greatly increase your damage output and fast charge (even if it is still in) your Congress relaxed consumption. We often run out of MP so it will not hurt with this event. When a new battle, your main strategy is to let him stunned as much as possible.

Wizard is a hell of class capable electric lock and freeze land and flame in 4Story . With the time to obtain a good skill, it can be easy. However, if you find yourself will have to suffer attacks of dizziness Rengzai Er you pay, Jin Liangrang binding distances between you and the letter and casting flames.


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