Completed 4Story View of The World

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Completed 4Story View of The World Empty Completed 4Story View of The World

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:13 pm

Integration time and the 4Story became a real hero generation of scenes in the game, the game scene on the history of power for more than. You and we are heroes in the program complete view of the world and scenarios in the game, the scene will explain the view of the world, and games can also be the background of the concept of the game.

Many MMORPG's use to play the game(4Story Gold) screen concept, but has a strong story line 4Story line, reflecting the Onea play its own characteristics. In addition, users will experience the excitement game of exploration and adventure in the fun.

One of the features of the siege warfare, the siege battle is the battle between the guild. Even low levels of Onea County, or in a different industry associations, users can recruit in the team. By the initiative and win, you can be rewarded. Endless adventure, a large number of tasks, all 4Story about the pursuit of waste is common.


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