4Story the World Faces (A)

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4Story the World Faces (A) Empty 4Story the World Faces (A)

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However, the goddess of mercy to just look on. Some people say that the goddess was too weak and no way to stop the attack. Some people said that the goddess to avoid war with the species level(4Story Luna). She relied on eye-catching lights separate the marine and terrestrial, that makes a fire, she waves created by seeding the flow. She saw good in all, despite the light and darkness, and this is the origin of the world. In the world was created 300 days after the destruction of the existence of God, aware of this world.

In any case, this prophecy has become a reality. Goddess in theCome until you create a hero of this 4Story world, otherwise this battle will be endless. Fate after leaving the care of a cold disappeared, the goddess of fate for the notice to heart. Her from under the shadow of the god of destruction left only her own existence to an unknown place. Relies on the power of the goddess had she remained at her endure all things created chaos all over the world, she created a vast abyss of light, separate the dark and light.

World to create eight single patron. Representative bright light of God, the God on behalf of the dark nether world, on behalf of Vulcan warm, the water activity on behalf of God, on behalf of agile Aeolus, god of the earth on behalf of feeling on behalf of the mysterious mystery of Raytheon, and the strong will of the representative the god of iron and steel.


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