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Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education rebuked for close to 2 on the assassin was a long struggle and the plight of the weak class this game(4Story Gold), and it brokin from a fourth class restraint, but there is much we can do much to improve. Determine the occurrence of PVP in the file import and export for the combat mission that is needed, but now the "honor system" is griefing other players pointless excersize, the actual weight of reward punishment, and that it is just another misuse of this part of the game , that is, the so-called "frivolous" absolutely no griefing players by way of others in fighting for "honor" of the punishment.

There should be a number of penalties, and by going out unarmed people basically yes design bureau, it is what not Zhidao land, the National Committee can also protect your Choubei That is only a point. Of course, know that it's a two-sided coin, so not the usual factions in any country, in addition to offend anyone will be sad the game would be any response to those who by their folly behaiviour unnecessary offense, because they know it only applies to individuals to them.

Never attempted to reduce duplication of Honor to clear the camp to obtain the coveted mantle and the subsequent 24-meaningless title, if all classes have the same opurtunity get the same "winner" because too much is still There's imballance in 4Story. Zemi still do not see that day, so to correct for these imballances, only to make such a commitment can only be more powerful. Proposed as one of the many and need to be resolved, we have got the commitment of all is empty, slow response and half-baked solutions to any problems such as these.

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