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4Story Tag Games
4Story race and figures:
Please note that the class character is used here. A change? Shadow, the attackers, Knight.
Magician: They do not armor they have no armor. This will be a more thorough change that: they can not wear heavy armor. Idem for the priest.
Priest: bar, magic wand and the magic shield. Rod, bar magic and magical shields.
In the Summoner: abominable animals can be controlled. This allows them to use the skills of other animals. Emergence of biological repeat here, it disturbed the other animals, monsters.

4Story tag game(4Story Gold) it's repetitive, but is important to know the position:
The tower is closed for each player reserves a specific time here, do not know what recommendations, but it will fundamentally change the sentence formation.
Spicy and exciting adventure and risk-taking may be more appropriate. And participate in the above comments to the same part of the same. Keep their defense of S.
In rural areas, new tasks and special business. For n or calf village, new tasks and goods special. Takes the same.

4Story two factions:
Have written the "factions" will be better, but this is only advice. "Cited" quoted.

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