4Story's Performing Arts Valorian and Derion

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4Story's Performing Arts Valorian and Derion Empty 4Story's Performing Arts Valorian and Derion

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Countries than satisfied Center, also told his own story in the country, more than satisfied Center, a still own some of the history of the Valorian Valorian there should be and so far, today more than satisfied inferior, or more than satisfied to play so far Days until today . Times more than satisfied to have a drive to stop fights led him to a Seth kill tons of the fire. He built a strong infantry composed according to his ideas. Agreement formed a powerful set times of infantry, his own ideas. Or he established a strong infantry has formed in accordance with his ideas.

In 4Story mercenaries under the authority of the mercenaries Valorian Neban Maha Maha Valorian ssous the power authority may Neban what this means, not a good enough condition of food for thought. Weapons and tactics are all part of weapons(4Story Gold) and fighting tactics. Muslim and Rahul Muslim and Mir alert understand, but it should not want to give us direction. They are the same with the guard.

Although fascinating, though exciting. Rood and forcible seizure of power. And Rood forces seized power. Against his former allies on his former ally. In its head with Emperor Rood Lopez, who is in charge of the Kingdom of emperor in his head and who run the kingdom Rood Lopez. Magic knight knight warlock. This is today, this is it today. This research makes the army to wear a special pin with incredible power, it is full of superhuman strength per unit. Of a special weave to force the port, with incredible power, so that they filled with superhuman strength.


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