On The Lower Half Of 4Story PvP

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On The Lower Half Of 4Story PvP Empty On The Lower Half Of 4Story PvP

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Facing an Archer - Use the same tactics as mentioned above against each other basically this one comes down to who's gear is better because every archer has a different way to fight.

Facing a Priest - A little bit tougher of a class to face sometimes due to all their buffs. First you will want to cast Lapiris' Blerssings about two seconds before the match starts, then I suggest using Flash Bomb arrow or Chaotic Arrow while invisible to try and knock their buffs off of them. If you get them off definitely follow up with a Snipe you're pretty much golden after that if you haven't won or if they have healed repeat the Lapiris' Blessings and hit them with your heavy damage shots.

Facing a Assassin - Personally, I find this one of the easiest classes to 4Story beat. Flash Bomb - Snipe and from there one to two shots depending how close they are to your level(4Story Luna) and they're done for. As to start the duel though if they get close to you use Lapiris' Blessings before the duel starts and jump away then barrage them with pain.

Facing a Wizard - Not that many wizards around really, but when you find one they're a little tricky to take down. Hope that Flash Bomb hits them off the bat use the same strategy as facing a Summoner then Snipe them and Sharp Arrowhead usually you can get those two off during the initial Flash Bomb stun lock on them. If they still got life after that use regular shots and usually the battle ends soon after that.


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