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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:00 pm

4Story Cash Shop - This has a ton of useful items in it that range from helping to Upgrade your items, refining your items, transfer scrolls, protection, all the way to changing your Sex of your character or your name. Lot's of stuff in my book is not worth buying unless you're lazy and want a summon scroll etc, but the upgrading, protection of upgrading and heck Exp Potions and Refining packages are all great items to help you become and strong player. Of course - this is optional and will always be optional.If you have spare money and you're going to blow it anyway this is a good thing to try out with getting your armor and weapons higher pluses and in the long run is going to help you out tremendously.

J4Story ewelry - When it comes to archers Dexterity is a must have. That's most of all I can say for extra stats Dex/Vit/HP All good to have! If you find jewelry with extra dexterity on them that takes place over other jewelry you will come across. Nothing is better then that. But of course there is Vitality and HP and other options on Jewelry too that are also good to have on you I'm always down for extra HP or being able to re-gain my health quicker.This makes you hit harder in long range attacks and you hit more often, and get hit less often.

4Story Refining items - Finding Catalysts can be sometimes quite hard to do. But be careful when doing this the rate of refining and especially the rate of the stats transferring to your main weapon is slim unless you have bought the "Refining Package" in the Cash Shop, but once again, not guaranteed, so buy with caution if you wish to spend money on the game.A Catalyst is another weapon(4Story Luna) separate from yours that has extra special "options" on them that you try to combine with your current weapon. This is very useful to do and you can become very, very powerful if you do it right.


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