The Survival Skill Tree in 4Story

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The Survival Skill Tree in 4Story Empty The Survival Skill Tree in 4Story

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:16 pm

Air Shield - A must use gives you extra physical defense which is always useful against monsters and opponents, and it's re-use time is less then it's effective time, so this skill should always be on when hunting or PvPing. Of course this will only help you against fellow archers and Warriors, so beware getting to close to those pesky casters in 4Story!

Move like the Wind, highly suggest upgrading this skill everytime you can, very useful to either getting places, running away from monsters, or getting out of the enemies way. Can't out run most attacks from casters as they have a huge attack range but this will add to your Survival rate significantly.

Last but not least Lapiris' Blessings, this makes you invisible for a few seconds, great way to get some attacks off on monsters or other people while you are not able to receive any damage. Good idea to use this skill when being followed to gives you a better chance of survival.

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