4Story Naval Base in the Association

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4Story Naval Base in the Association Empty 4Story Naval Base in the Association

Post  Admin on Mon May 31, 2010 8:14 pm

That as people donate money to trade associations, industry associations should have the opportunity to upgrade their ballistic shield, or armor. If the ship has three catapult, it is heavy armor upgrades, it should be slower than light armor and two catapult ships. Players should be in the ship of war, grappling hooks and registration of persons so that they can attack the enemy's ships. This 4Story function will be independent of the general game 4Story. However, in order to establish shipping industry associations, will have to cut down trees, and collected on each ship a certain amount of timber. The main ship of the Association will be room for one of the most HP and guildies. This is one of the warehouse with the Association.

Therefore, played a game called City of Heroes, in this game, if you are a guild, you have the ability to build a base of Society. Can to try to attack the enemy base. So my idea is that in 4Story, industry associations should have their own base / battleship where you can go to try to attack the other guild's ships. You should create a huge sea, in order to achieve this goal. Line will be able to trick out, paint / their ship's name. In addition, you can create a huge snake in the ocean, to make things better!

Ships should have such weapons(4Story Gold) upgrade Trebs / large arrow transmitter / call a huge serpant attack ships once. Now, there should be one of the largest guildies amount of warships, of course. In addition to a mother ship and other vessels without the Society Society of storage and smaller in size and horsepower. Should be a guild can only ship model line will be the task. For example, killing sea monster / monster __ amount of the flight. The task should be to give each player two, but their import and export should only use 3 times a week on their time limit. They should also provide 100 liters or something.


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