4Story Lower Part of the Wizard Failure

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4Story Lower Part of the Wizard Failure Empty 4Story Lower Part of the Wizard Failure

Post  Admin on Fri May 21, 2010 8:46 pm

Archers can get rid of any form of vertigo.
Assassins can get rid of any form of vertigo.
Warriors can get rid of blind and slow.
Pastor can be out of the blind and slow.
Summoner If the call is in a coma, blindness, or slow down a pet skill can still use it to cast stun or attack people who are against PVP, even your pet, not the power to vote

the call may block skill levels(4Story Luna), and have to wait for pet to unstuned.
What wizard.

In 4Story in fact means that soldiers can get rid of it.
Assassin skills have been ambushed, if they are blind.
Pets calls can still attack or if you call blind pet can still attack and get the share horsepower.
Archers, they were blind bubble.
Pastor can use the foam out of a blind or to avoid it.
What the Wizards.

Wizards should be able to kill the samurai, warriors kill the assassin, killer to kill the wizard. This is something of a triangle out of the triangle is X factor, anything can

happen. This is why the wizard dont have a cause dizziness skills, if they are not accustomed to Beable assassin to kill the wizard because they are weak on the magic of the

soldiers. No class on Williams river blindness, not intirely the real reason is a blind assassin skills.

Perhaps many people do not like assassins lead them out of soldiers to avoid dizziness and hard to kill assassins because they have never really miss the electric lock, a lot of

people a lot of dueling assassins. Only in this way it is easy for some people, it is a murderer, if we put our axes, and often dizzy, if they run away on him in a coma, but if

we all got off their escape electric wave, electric lock, they bring me down, unless im a tanker different story. Zemi class is not fair and balanced, should fix


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