4Story Soldiers Possess the Elements Inside

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4Story Soldiers Possess the Elements Inside Empty 4Story Soldiers Possess the Elements Inside

Post  Admin on Tue May 18, 2010 9:58 pm

1. Werebeast - high strength and vitality, is a fighter has a good thing. To where they do not have good human powerful agile. Werebeast these things first-class career. They

can not be avoided as much as human soldiers phyiscal attack or escape as fairys magic, but it has strong vitality, they can bear it longer, but damage oppenents soon.

2. Human - high agility, psychological, moderate strength and vitality, this is the second most selected soldiers. Their speed is higher, but they can not evade attacks more

phyical and electrical characteristics of the game. Have moderate damage and strong vitality of the game(4Story Gold), they are warriors.

3. Fairys - high intelligence, intelligence, but low energy and power, is a soldier's needs, but they have a warrior on the fairy tale is a good thing. We all know that soldiers

are weak against magic, but for those who do not know, due to high intelligence fairys they can avoid magic attacks and more help. In addition, to compensate for the lack of

vitality and strength, they can find these items, the establishment of statistical information, or to upgrade weapons to make up for losses.

(In fact, choose sytle type a werebeast. That they would not escape with a high degree of human vitality, but we can afford. In addition, a good attack and defense werebeast

good balance, then I believe a good person 4Story. Even with the project and the gear they are the best choice if you want to pick a fighter. Some play the game to buy cash shop

tilt play this game, if you choose a werebeast, human, and fairy tales I do not believe the same gear to fight eachother If not involve winning werebeast syrup.)


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