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Post  Admin on Tue May 11, 2010 6:42 pm

Arms and armor from the 55 dungeon, of course, is the owner of all 16 and 11 statistics. So all this is not the secret of any person. It could be any wizard, so my armor and weapons of precision. Since all equipment used in the decline, there are around skills, rather than focus. No high armor and weapons, tactics and technology to ensure efficient.

In fact, the only jewelry really 4Story. As you can see, the focus of intelligence. Fairy more information, so they need to do jewelry, but their own emotional intelligence and other statistics

One important thing should be said that basic equipment should be the smallest part of it. It is good, with high + item, but not every character can do this, so they can not use your build, to the fullest extent. Items(4Story Gold) is important, it may be the most important building as a whole.

And the end of the RoyMustang character generation. All the skills, status and settings window. This post is just to tell you how to create your own character, plans and progress of the same.

I hope you enjoyed reading.


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