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Attack Warriors: a.k.a Berserkers in 4Story a very high attack warrior who skills can destroy armor, lower defense and awesome attack power skills to bring down opponents with a blink of an eye. People who get caught against a berserker know the damage they can deal to you if they catch you and stun you. The only weakness for Berserkers is there lack of defense that cana? It hold agro and die easily when teamed.

Attack warriors are good for quick kills. We choose a Defense warrior for the character(4Story Gold), because of the high defense and quick attacks. The strength is low but with items we can buff the attack power to a balance of high defense and the quickness of a very good attack power to bring our opponents down quicker.

Defense Warriors: a.k.a Tankers a highly defensive warrior with quick attacks. Tankers are ment to hold agro cause of there high defense. With quick attacks they can stun or block your skills so it do much damage. Tankers have can hold off many opponents for a period of time and can cause you skills to make sure you do it deal a lot of damage. Weakness is that a tanker it can deal a massive damage unlike a berserker, also that without a tankers buff they can hold agro enough and will go down like a berserker when teamed.


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