Character build by skill tree in 4Story

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Character build by skill tree in 4Story Empty Character build by skill tree in 4Story

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:41 pm

In 4Story Middle of "Shooting" skill tree:Flash Bomb - Very good against both monsters and opponents for a few seconds let's you shoot them with whatever you got (assuming it hits) easy time to kill your opponent or severely hurt them. Personal suggest while they're not able to see move around to catch them off guard because they will know how to attack where it hurts if you stay in the same place while they're blinded. If you need 4Story Gold you can come here .

Chaotic Arrow - Very good for PvP removes all your opponents beneficial buffs (assuming it hits) making them more vulnerable to taking more damage from yours or other peoples skills. This skill can also remove the annoying "bubble" of invincibility that others use and also can take away any beneficial buffs from panaceas that they might have on at the time. Which in any situation against another player this shot will help you out tremendously.

Right side of the "shooting" skill tree: Will of Hunt - A must have, good for hunting or PvP upgrade this whenever you can. Adds more damage to your long range attack making you have an easier time killing. This boosts the damage on all your skills if you wouldn't of guessed not just when you're shooting normally.

Snipe - A fantastic skill to deal your opponent crazy damage really quick - gives you the upper hand in fights against both Monsters and other players, highly suggest using this in battle. Be careful when using this on Warrior's gives them a chance to come and catch up to you so they can stun you and such, make it a last hit - if you can.


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