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The weapons in 4Story Empty The weapons in 4Story

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This is a guide about the weapons in4Story , Bow and Crossbows , you have a choice to make choose to use a bow or an xbow. Of course this is completely your decision and what ever you're most comfortable with is best. The bow's speed is fast with reasonable damage however the x bows is more powerful although slightly slower. If you want to go with the masses then you should choose the xbow this is also what many players choose to use. But this should be your decision so make sure you try both out first. If you want to be a powerful player particularly at a higher level you will want to upgrade your weapon(4Story Gold) before anything else if you don't pvp and pve will get very hard. (you see upgrading guide).

You may also want to add other properties to your weapon by enchanting and then refining them. Properties such as: Long range attack speed ; Attack rating ; Physical critical rate .

Sword and Dagger : these weapons aren't really very useful in pvp and a good archer should not need to use them. They can be useful in pve though for instance when you're covered in mobs and you have rain of arrows doing most of the damage you can then switch to your swords and kill any mob lucky enough to survive the initial onslaught provided by your aoe. Once again you have a choice between using a slower but more powerful two handed sword or a faster combination of one handed sword and dagger. At some point you may have used a two handed sword but as most archers would agree you should choose the one handed and dagger option. But with these weapons they don't make much difference so it's as much about how attractive they look as the usefulness.


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