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Post  Admin on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:18 pm

Survival in 4StoryThis is a guide about survival in 4Story ,by the way if you need 4Story Gold you can visit our site and you will find the price is very low . Eagle Eye- This skill is purely for pve and is very useful if you don't have a radar as it will show you where every mob is on your map giving more coverage then the corps radar.
Shadow of soul- great skill when fighting another player it will make you invisible for 12 seconds unless the other player is an assassin or a warrior who use intuition to see you when you're invisible. This skill will also slow you down slightly. (aoe's still cause you damage).
Escape- Awesome skill keep this in a good position on your skill bar. When stunned use this at the right time and you can escape. The reuse time 12s so you may only get one chance. (Thanks Elwyn for teaching me to escape all those levels ago).

Lapriris Arbitration- No use in pvp but can cancel threats from mobs chasing you.
Lapiris Touch- This is a great skill with a reuse time of 12 minutes and is used to cancel all the reuse time of your skills. Very useful if you get debuffed or if your waiting to teleport back.
Move like the Wind- Increases moving speed good skill to use before kiting or if you want to simply leave the battle or just use any time to make the journey slightly less.
Air Shield- very good buff which will increase physical defence by even more then fast movement. Level this skill as you go.
Lapiris Blessing- this skill or buff will make you invincible for a short time as you can imagine it's very useful. But can be debuffed.


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