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Post  Admin on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:46 pm

For all intensive purposes of saving your skill points just a little bit for later level(4Story Luna) skills (The really cool stuff! xP) We would suggest you put one "skill point" into the skills Sword Energy of Wind, and the skill Open Wounds. This is just pre-requisite measures to get your skill tree going (at least for the Battle section) As for those two skill. Do not continue putting points in the left side of the Battle tree as most of those skills are unnecessary.

For when you can, we suggest putting one skill point into the skill called "Shout of air" this is a life saver sometimes for lower levels and well even when you get up high in level it forces your opponents away from you and then they are back in arrow range for a moment so you can deal them more damage before they get back to you. We highly suggest using this skill to get out of sometimes deadly situations.

Now for the last part of the Battle tab in 4Story. The left side is key. As soon as you can we would put your first point in all three of the skills on the left side them being "Fast movement". "Blessing of Wind" And "Sharp senses" Fast movement allows you to dodge more attacks from your opponent which is really good in combination with the skill right below it "Blessing of Wind" which whenever a melee creature misses and attack on you the damage is reflected back onto them.


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