The Basic and Character of Archer in 4Story

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The Basic and Character of Archer in 4Story Empty The Basic and Character of Archer in 4Story

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This is a guide about the basic and character of in 4Story . Basic: this shows you what type of armour and weapons(4Story Luna) your class can equip and the basic skills. An archer will already be able to use all the basic skills here but you will need to do a quest to equip: Light Armour (level 13 Quest from starting village) ; Two handed sword (level 4 Quest from starting village) .

Battle: good archers will want to ignore the left side of the battle tab there are only three or four useful skills on this page as it mainly focuses on close combat attack with your sword. Shout of air this will knock back opponents it can have some use in pvp to knock back an attacker. It isn't worth spending any more skill points on it, as it is already 70 percent and levelling it only increases the success rate.

Fast movement this buff will increase your physical defence. It is a must have skill and you should always use it when fighting mobs or other players. Max it as you go.Blessings of Wind this buff is extremely useful it will reflect physical attacks which miss you. It is not the damage reflections which are the best thing about this buff it is the stun reflections and this could win you a fight against a warrior or assassin. Sharp Senses this skill increase your physical critical rate it is useful skill particularly in one vs one but because of short effective time it isn't a great buff.

Character Information : notice the high dexterity and long range damage these are what you should look for as an archer and are helped greatly by having the right accessories.Equipment: you should always carry with you a bow or cross bow as primary weapon and also have a two-hand sword or one-hand sword with dagger along with armour and accessories.


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