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The Archer's guide in 4Story Empty The Archer's guide in 4Story

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The archer's are the best damage dealers in the4Story because of there high hitting combos in pvp and a fairly powerful aoe in pve. The archer wears light armour or heavy leather armour and has the choice between the faster, but less powerful bow or the stronger, slower crossbow. There are three races in 4story were beast, fairy and human. The best race to be when you choose to be an archer is human this is because humans have a naturally higher dexterity allowing them to be the most powerful race at long range physical damage. If you need4Story Gold you can come here .

Just like any class Archer has Pro's and Con's , Pro's, an archer along with a priest is the main damage dealer in pve largely due to the aoe. An archer is the best class for damage per second making it very useful against rival kingdom players in pvp. Archers have a blind called flash bomb which will stop any opponent using skills against a target for a set time allowing you to deal considerable damage to there hp. Archers also have very low or no cast time on a lot of pvp skills, further contributing to damage per second.

Con's, for archers to be effective they must always be out of reach of all other classes using there skills at close combat as against archer if you are any of the other five classes you can win if you stay next to them and use stuns and speed decrease to stop them getting away. To help archers kiting was discovered to give you the opportunity to constantly attack while keeping the enemy as far away as possible. Archers also are very weak against mage attacks so getting caught in priest or wizard aoe will cause serious damage and an archer only has buffs to help with physical damage (assassin, warrior and archer) and reflect only reflects physical skills. So magic attack mobs and rival kingdom players are very effective at taking down an archer.


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