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The War in 4Story Empty The War in 4Story

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The War in 4Story
This is a guide about the War in 4Story . Three kingdoms which are Defugel, Craxion, Broa exist within the continent of Iveria. And each kingdoms are tied to the multiple districts and territories. However, there also remain disputed areas which have yet to be ruled by any kingdoms on the continent. If you need 4Story Gold you can visit our site have a look .

Within the areas, there is a castle to protect its own territory and levy taxes from 3 areas located in the territory at the cost of managing and controlling them. The castle can be owned by a victor of the castle siege warfare that allows only one guild from each different kingdoms that made a success of gaining the highest points from RvR (Monday ~ Friday) to participate.

The one of a kind guild that gained the final victory on the castle siege warfare is supposed to hold possession of the castle for 7 days until the next siege warfare and deserves the right to have a large income with receiving taxes from each item trading activities in the territory during the period. Meanwhile, the guild can monopolize all the local product items and add more guards or equipment for protection to prepare for the next castle siege.

Castle siege warfare on the continent of 4Story is not just a war between guilds. It is the war among kingdoms that both attacking and defending groups can allow all members who are belong to their own kingdom to join the war and let them fight for the victory through the mercenary system. There are two types of mercenary system. User can participate as a Freelance mercenary with their own ability or as a Recruit mercenary team where the users will be equipped with arms, armors and skills that the Guild provides.


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