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Making money in 4story Empty Making money in 4story

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Castlevania 46 can enter in 4story, you should find a lot of copies of the first maps in fact not a good fight, soft, hidden in the back of it, brush the dog? Very good selection pack, although like dogs, but if you crystallization of brush for a long time, feeling the dog is not high enough level, experience is not it was great .

Steel America in girls two kinds of strange, take an ax that looks scary, do not give him tiger lived to see his name, magician! Magician's ZvBox, put Demons of the chant, but she's physical defense is low, P attack with her, and the remaining holding sickle sword, physical anti-filled high with a magic hit, where to stay for a long time you will find inside your backpack Castlevania equipment box, the black knight and equipment boxes, intermediate scouring boxes, materials and so are 4 story gold , there are 4story gold consequently there.

Brush to level 51 can do the task of the Witch, and the tame animals, like whether you have to do with or without handles, non-crystalline or seal on the open ball out to sell, although the Beast and the Witch raise up Guile Dian, but it is still expensive . There expensive value, when you use their Demons level up, you will know that value for money, and finished about 53 missions, and continue to return to the U.S. iron and steel, where the girls, if you want to bring the words crystal witch brush to shadow the prison two layers, where the blame will not release the magic, only physical attacks, fight easy, one person? Afraid of anything, how can his team beat Crystal to play fast, good monks to the former discharge awakening Magic can be used to fight with magic, it's strange Mofang are low .

Level 57 go to the devil bush, fell monsters, teacher tasks, the use on the belt, do not Naqu Mai 4 story gold, where the task is too much trouble to be done for a long time, for an afternoon only then the task done, with 57 Start to do tasks, done over 59, leaving that point experience, want to go to Babylon went to Babylon, do not want to go Castlevania continue to brush 4Story Gold, should not go the maze can be, but there is a shadow copy, or a team to go relatively safe, (evil Garnett ah, playing one as long as the Lao Bantian, or forget it).


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