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4Story Making money
Many people say why do not kill spiders it is very soft in4Story, spiders indeed very soft, but the attack to think about it . Horrible, Mumbai will be in front of scorpion poisoning, a holy monk school care to the first two rounds so that other military forces into action to give the monks put about, and then began to abuse the scorpion, because scorpions 44, So, experience very high, this time should also be a little bit 4story gold, and go find yourself a few pieces of good armor and weapons.

Level(4Story Powerleveling) 40 can enter the ruins, and a floor, the strange bird flying pass, 2 floor too hard fighters, but also blew, went straight to 3rd floor remains the central, where the strange good bully ah, although you are easily lead to a low level miss, but the blame on the only blue or suck your blood to increase their attack power in general, their defense is weak, team Dan Lian pretty good, it will be out the box material and so on.

If you can find two teammates practiced, you can also go directly to the shadow of three layers, will be chaos into? Are not afraid of pulling . 3v3 or not difficult to drop giant primary crystallization and animal calls Beast for his intention to look at chant, even if do not intend to with tame animals, crystal is still very valuable, After the task finished, you can choose to stay here Brush 4 story gold, there is no team? Nothing to do with drawing, in fact, you have a little money to equip a good job .


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