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The Origins in 4Story Empty The Origins in 4Story

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:37 pm

Here is about Origins in 4Story , there is a metric ton of character customization, both in creating your character(4Story Gold) and in customizing it's abilities. The Origins bit is interesting but kind of annoying too. Basically, there are six different back stories to pick from and the one you pick will shape how people react to you. The annoying bit is that the back stories are limited by race and class, so you really only have one or two for each combination. Also, the first hour or so of the game is completely different for each of the six, so you have to have six different characters if want to see them all.

Combat actually reminds you a little of FFXI but with a faster pace, and a lot more complexity. You can choose your target and auto attack or choose to use an ability or spell. Spells cost Mana to cast and Abilities cost Stamina to use. There is a base cost and several variables, such as the armor you're wearing and the other spells and abilities you have going, that effect the final cost. Mobs are fairly weak, but there tend to several attacking you at once so it balances out.

You can either choose to attack on the fly and let your party take care of itself, or you can pause the game and micro manage everyone's actions. Health and Stamina or Mana recharge over time, slower in combat and faster when walking around. You can also use various healing potions and such as well as cast healing magic if you have a mage in your party. At higher levels combat looks like it can get extremely complex, but in the early levels you don't have much to play around with.


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