Refining Armor and Weapon in 4Story

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Refining Armor and Weapon in 4Story Empty Refining Armor and Weapon in 4Story

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:56 pm

It is best to use other armor to refine your armor with if the same concept goes for armor. Obviously the Item(4Story Luna) Options can only be transfered from armor to armor. Using weapons to refine armor will only increase the durability.

They are defensive pieces of equipment while sold by the weapon merchants, shields(magic and physical) can hold armor Item Options, rather than weapon Item Options. So of course Magic Shields and Physical Shields should be considered armor and refined as such.

You don't have to refine with the exact same item in 4Story, but with Item Option transfers, you will only be able to transfer Item Options that are applicable to that type of weapon. Being even more specific, using ranged weapons to refine ranged weapons, and magic weapons to refine magic weapons. So obviously other similar weapons will hold Item Options that you can use.

When refining weapons, it is best to use other weapons to refine them with. You can actually refine weapons with armor, and armor with weapons. But of course the only thing that you will gain, would be increased durability on the item.


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