The Survival Skill Tree of 4Story(part one)

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The Survival Skill Tree of 4Story(part one) Empty The Survival Skill Tree of 4Story(part one)

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:37 pm

Lapiris' Touch can give you a 50-70 percent chance which depends on the level(4Story Gold) of the skill to re-initialize all your skills so you can re-use them as soon as their effect wears off. So it is a good skill in all the surival skill tree.

When you start as an archer thus making the Survival skill tree already opened up in whatever direction you wanna start out with, Eagle eye and Shadow of soul will be given to you already. By the way Shadow of Soul is not given to you to start with Sharp Arrowhead and Eagle Eye is given, but Shadow of Soul fixes at one point and must be fixed before it opens up the tree.

Lapiris' Arbitration which can makes monsters not target you for a little bit which gives you a chance to cast Move Like the Wind and get out of their before those monsters rip you to pieces. Never really tried Escapel out which assuming it's used to get out of sticky situations in 4Story.


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