Hunting Guide for SupremeBeing in 4Story

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Hunting Guide for SupremeBeing in 4Story Empty Hunting Guide for SupremeBeing in 4Story

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:45 pm

This is a easier we think for archers then most other classes. We hit hard and we group well. Most of the time we will run around (If they're melee creatures) and make them all follow us then as soon as you have a nice sized group AS SOON as you stop bring your AOE over to your group and let it off. There have huge 4Story Gold in our stock. Make order when you need please.

This is because when you stop the monsters freeze a second and have a small lag time before they hit you again, thus giving you a chance to let your AOE off and own them all! As for magic creatures this requires a little more work because they tend to deal archers A LOT in 4Stroy.

First we would try and lure all the melee creatures around and kill them so the Magic creatures are by themselves. we will then cast Flash Bomb on them so they can't attack you for a couple seconds (assuming it hits) and then we will use the Snipe shot and after that if they aren't dead one to two shots from your bow will take them out before you take a lot of damage.

And always, always, ALWAYS! Pick up what the monsters drop, this gets you a nice sum of cash to use on skills and potions and all other necessities needed.


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